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Come dance in the magic under the stars. Experience journey on sacred sites and embody stillness through the Holy Mountain of Shasta.

Dreaming doesn’t just happen while we sleep; dreaming is being fully awake and lucid to sources of guidance, healing and creativity that is the nature of the awake mind that allows us to keep our inner eyes open in the dark. Our lives become richer and more abundant when we learn to become dreamers with our eyes wide open. . 


Join us to:

  • Experience the use of dreams for divination, health and healing

  • Enhance your skill of dream travel and how to journey beyond the body to other dimensions for guidance and to claim all parts of yourself.

  • Learn lucid journeying to work with Spirit through mastery of dream space and your dream body.

  • Explore working with the place between sleep and wake to develop guides, experience heightened perception and creative breakthrough.

  • Discover the message of your dreams, and how the guidance applies to your daily life.

  • Learn the practice of becoming lucid or awake to the world that is not dependent on sleep

During this very special immersive workshop, we'll camp on the mountain each night under the stars on a private, 30-acre retreat, and journey during the day to experience the magic of the Upper McCloud River, McCloud waterfalls, and Panther Meadows.



2:00 pm Friday, July 27 through  2:00 pm Sunday, July 29 2018



Mt. Shasta, California


Camping sites, running water and port-a-potty available on private 30 acre retreat.

Please bring your own tents and gear. Small campers/vans welcome.

Additional lodging available in the town of Shasta (20 mins by car)




$495  (register and pay by midnight June 20) 

 $595 Full Price 

$65 optional Camping Fee (includes campsite, simple breakfast, coffee, tea and water)

Local Contact:  Sandra Winslow   530-261-0717

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