Knowledge Keepers of the Ancient Wisdom 

Building Your Mesa the Q'ero Way

A Shaman's Collective Course with Linda Fitch

The Q’ero, the indigenous wisdom keepers of the high Andes, understand that everything is made up of living energy. Living by the concept of Ayni (right relationship), they create their Mesas (or personal medicine bundles) through a connection to nature, the mountains, the heavens, the universe and all of creation. Through ceremony, initiation and transmissions (or rites, known as karpays), they became guardians of this sacred knowledge. 

Whether you are already a Mesa carrier, or are stepping onto the shamanic path for the first time, this class will allow you a place of personal transformation and power directly through nature and the ancient wisdom of the Q'ero.

Through journey, rites and ceremony, we will become immersed in the way of the paqo or elder. Using the core Inka principles of right action (yankay), right loving (munay) and right thinking (yachay) and direct communication with the mountain spirits, you will build and or deepen your own personal medicine in the traditional way of the Q’ero. 

Knowledge Keepers of the Ancient Wisdom
Building a Mesa the Q'ero Way

with Linda L. Fitch, The Shaman's Collective
September 28 – October 1, 2017
Mount Shasta, CA

$695 Workshop Registration

(tuition only - does not include lodging)

registration through The Shaman's Collective

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