September 27-29 2019       Boulder, Colorado 

Step Outside of Time
Come Learn the Shaman's Skills of Mastering Sacred Time

For thousands of years, shamans have known what physicists are proving today: that one can step outside of time, into a place where we can live differently, heal differently and die differently.


In this place of sacred time – outside of linear time, where time exists like a wheel – we can step into synchronicity, ease and flow, become more fully present in each moment, move backward or forward in time, even break free from the archetype of time itself.


Join Linda Fitch and Kitty Edwards of the Living & Dying Consciously Project to experience the internal shift needed to move into a place of stillness and navigate the streams of time.


Discover new ways of staying in the sacred to create and anchor a destiny crafted with spirit from outside of time.


Come learn to build a new relationship with time to leap into a destiny of laughter, joy, peace, beauty and abundance for yourself and for the world.



September 27-29, 2019 


Boulder, Colorado  


$425 early bird (by September 13)   $495 (after September 13)

Local Organizer: Kitty Edwards, The Living & Dying Consciously Project

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