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  • Linda L. Fitch

Sourcing from a Place of Abundance

My dad was a college professor who had a favorite saying: Illegitimi non carborundum, which more or less means “don’t let the bastards grind you down.” Dad had a beautiful voice and loved to sing so maybe he learned it from the Harvard fight song where it is the first line, or from various uses by army generals, presidential candidates or even US House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner.

This is the time to stay in abundance, and not just financial abundance but abundance of love, hope, joy, gratitude and ease. You are probably aware statistically there are more suicides, depression and grief in the holiday season. You may know of friends or loved ones who normally are strong and grounded who may be struggling financially or caught in despair right now. This fall and winter we are being buffeted with energy waves that want to pull you into old stories, drama or low frequency thoughts. It's an interesting world right now, and so important to source from abundance.

Of course, the key question is, how do you stay in the place of abundance, a place of higher frequency, and not be ground down? First is to recognize what is happening to you at this moment. Drop inside and notice what it feels like when you are in poverty/lack of, or being ground down. Typically your internal experience is darker, your emotions may include sadness, or anger or you may feel despair or like nothing is working and the body may even be contracted or sinking in.

Now contrast that grinding down with a time when you felt and were sourcing from the place of abundance. Go back to the abundant time and notice what is your internal experience now. When you are happy or laughing or in your heart, you have connected to a higher frequency. Typically this is much brighter, your shoulders and head are usually more open and expanded, and emotions or feelings include joy, laughter and happiness.

One of my teachers has an amazing way of easily shifting from poverty to abundance (low frequency to high frequency). If you image the earth has energy grids around, some of these grids are man created like poverty or fear and others natural like abundance and joy. Stay out of story, or karma, or any explanation at all and just let go of the poverty grid and take a hold of the abundance grid. You know what each feels like in you body and make the choice to shift to expansion. It is that easy. It is a choice of picking the one you want and letting go of the other.

Do you want more or need to keep the grip on the abundance grid? Take it to ceremony. It might be cold or damp where you are in the northern hemisphere or summer and warm if you are from the southern hemisphere or in between and all are perfect for a fire ceremony. Fire is the shaman’s tool because it keeps things moving. When you put a stick or paper into the fire it is a beautiful way to honor and bring gratitude for your learning from the grid of contraction (family patterns, significant others, old story).

When the honoring feels complete then drop inside to the place of your soul, in shaman’s sacred time, and put another offering into the fire for your sourcing from the place of abundance, and step into a higher frequency.

Monday is the Winter Solstice and a magical time for doing ceremony because you tap into the energetic imprint that is available in this window. If you have time to do a despacho then offer your service to do one for your community or family. The world longs for individuals who know how to hold the sacred. If you need the simple steps to offer a despacho or fire let me know and I will email you a copy.

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