Intuition, Divination, Tracking, Visioning and more

How do you create a life filled with joy, ease, and abundance?.

Learning the skills of what to “see”– known as Tracking or Divination to the shaman – is vital to creating the life you desire. Without  these skills, you may be unconsciously creating or “seeing” things you don’t want in your life.


Join us to learn the skills to create the life you desire for yourself, family and clients. Explore the power of traditional forms of visioning and uncover your own unique “medicine.” Connect with your voice of intuition and learn skills and techniques to become a gifted shamanic tracker.


 Whether you’re new to shamanic wisdom or an experienced student, you’ll discover and develop new skills to take your gifts to a deeper level, including:

  • Divination history and power

  • Steps for manifestation and creation

  • Stillness practices for creation and divination

  • Stone, shell, egg and leaf reading practices

  • Kawak Rites for opening the third eye

  • Working in Sacred Time

  • Working with sacred story for guidance

  • Adding personal medicine objects for your own unique wisdom

  • ‘Clearing our closet’ for creating with the Divine

  • Staying clean and clear in tracking

  • Ethics and integrity in creation



September 6-8, 2019


Newtown,  PA



$425 (by July 31)  /  $495  (beginning August 1

Local Contact: Candy Batterton      215-932-2246

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