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Blood and Bones

Healing Grief and Trauma in Your Family Lineage

A Mini Course for Massive Transformation 

Presented by Linda Fitch

 shaman, teacher, coach 

and creator of the transformational programs

Dream Into Being, Your Extraordinary Story,  Wake Up Laughing
Change Your Story, Change Your Life,
 Magic & Miracles and more

Is this you?

✓ You feel like there are obstacles keeping you from peace or happiness.

✓ No matter how hard you work, you have a lack of financial abundance.

✓ You want to shed the negative energy of a family member or ex-partner.

✓ You’re ready to live an abundant and energetic life.

Then, you are in the right place

"This ancestor work has released a lifetime of unhealthy patterns that were affecting every aspect of my day-to-day life. This work has opened my eyes in new ways and it has created healing opportunities personally and professionally."

-Gabrielle Freels L.Ac, DACM

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Change the Story


All family systems hold old grief and trauma to varying degrees. If survival events or traditional religious beliefs are part of your family lineage, the healing can become complicated and fraught with incredible resistance.


Your parents are essential regardless of whether they were great at parenting. The old family story resides within you, in your blood and bones. Epigenetics validates how trauma is passed down through families with detrimental effects. 


But unhealed family systems continue to show up in energetic obstacles or lack of financial abundance. They are like unconscious loyalties that shamans say will haunt your lineage for up to 7 generations. You must heal the system so you can fully access all the gifts of your lineage.


In this 90-minute mini-master course, explore the possible healing tools that ripple back through time and give you freedom and guidance for the future. 


  • Identify and heal core limiting patterns held within your family lines

  • Experience the power of language and how to drain the emotional trauma caught in words

  • Explore simple, practical ways to bring healing and honoring to your lineage

  • Create an ancestor altar to implement the healing of your DNA

  • Release the old beliefs, curses, and cords that are not serving you

  • Experience ceremony and how it becomes the bridge to the oneness of the God source 

  • Create new patterns of abundance, ease, joy, connection, and support

  • Recognize the importance of each individual family member as part of the family system and the effects of birth order and roles

  • Understand how preverbal memories are stored and how they show up in family trauma

  • Identify how you are affected by systemic trauma and what you can do to heal from this  wound

  • Recognize your forms of family distractions and how they keep you safe


  • To identify beliefs, guidance, wisdom, and medicine gifts that are part of your lineage

  • Techniques to release the old patterns, memories, programs, and beliefs

  • How religion affects family systems

  • To recognize your unique way of receiving intuitive information to connect to your ancestors

  • Tools and practices to bring healing to partners, spouses, and ex’s family systems

  • Techniques to bring right relationship and healing between individuals

  • To work safely with unhealed family individuals and systems



An accomplished teacher, mentor, shaman and coach, Linda Fitch is passionate about discovering and sharing tools and practices that can help you become the very best version of yourself.

A practicing shaman for more than two decades, she has trained thousands of students in personal development and shamanic healing techniques. The former Dean of the Four Winds Society Light Body School of Energy Medicine, she is widely recognized for her innovative programs, workshops and classes that integrate her experience and training in shamanism, ceremony and ritual, dream work, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the Silva Method and more. 

She has worked directly with shamans and healers of the Andes and the Amazon, and leads multiple sacred journeys each year to the high mountains and jungles of Peru. She also maintains an active personal healing and coaching practice, working with clients around the globe. 


"Working with Linda on my ancestral patterns not only helped free me but has helped my ancestors find peace too. I can now see my ancestors and family members from a place of compassion, not judgment."

-Kathy Smith


Blood and Bones

Healing Grief and Trauma in Your Family Lineage

A Mini Course for Massive Transformation


100% Online. Join from anywhere and consume at your own pace.

Course Materials & Handouts

Guided Meditations, Journeys and Ceremonies 



• Unlimited access to the audio and video recording 

• Exclusive Facebook community led by experienced coaches

• Ongoing practice exercises to further develop your perception

15 hours of bonus content ($499 value) to enhance your experience





Path To Source 
a step by step ebook to living in ceremony

by Linda Fitch 

Screen Shot 2022-09-29 at 2.13.47 PM.png

Ancestral Healing Language

by Indigenous teacher Gemma Benton 


Prayers of Connection
by Linda Fitch

john lockley.jpeg

Creating an Ancestral Altar
by Sangoma Elder John Lockley

Image by Faye Cornish

Tree Journey

Guided Audio Meditation 

by Linda Fitch

Screen Shot 2022-09-29 at 2.25.13 PM.png

Easy Guide to Create an Ancestor Altar

by Linda Fitch

Tree Trunk Texture_edited.jpg


Listen to Spirit.png

Listening to Spirit

Video Teaching and Practices

with Linda Fitch

magic and miracles Copy.jpeg

Shamanic Approaches to Working with Trauma

with Linda Fitch and Mary Agnew

Screen Shot 2022-09-29 at 3.07.56 PM.png

Building a Grief Alter 
by Linda Fitch


Healing the Family Financial Trauma

Money Manifestation eBook

by Linda Fitch

Screen Shot 2022-09-29 at 3.24.09 PM.png

Virtual Fire Ceremony

with Tom Garcia

Screen Shot 2022-09-29 at 3.15.45 PM.png

Samhain Ceremony:
“Embrace the Light of the Ancestors” 

by Roel Crabbe


Heart Beat of the Earth Drumming Meditation

by John Lockley

Screen Shot 2022-09-29 at 3.23.24 PM.png

Grief and Loss Wind Knot Class

with Renee Baribeau

landing page sun.jpeg

And more... 
stay tuned for more bonuses



Can a mini-course make an impact on my life?

Absolutely. This class creates the most change without committing you to a long course. I've been able to focus on the topics based on my previous experiences and classes.

How do I know if this class would benefit me? 

You experience one or more of these: There are obstacles consistently popping up in your life. No matter how hard you work, you lack financial abundance. You feel the negative energy of a family member or ex-partner.

I've already been working on family lineage healing. Will this conflict with that work?

Not at all. The videos, course work, and bonuses are all designed to complement any work you've already been taught or completed. Think of these as more tools in your tool belt. You can never have too many!

I've never done any shamanic work. Will I be lost or overwhelmed?

This course is a beautiful introduction to shamanic work. It's easy to understand and practice. Plus, you get the support of the Facebook group community and another teacher, Gabrielle Freels.

Speaking of Facebook, do I have to be in the Facebook group?

Not at all. All videos, workbooks, and bonuses are available on the course page. The Facebook group is just a community of support if you need it.

Green Forest


100% Online. Join from anywhere and consume at your own pace.

Course Materials & Handouts

Guided Meditations, Journeys and Ceremonies 



• Unlimited Access to Audio and Video Recordings 

• Exclusive Facebook community led by experienced coaches

• Ongoing practice exercises to further develop your perception

• Exclusive bonus content to enhance your experience

• 15 hours of bonus content ($499 value) to enhance your experience


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