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Amazon Ayahuasca


Explore our spiritual journeys and expeditions to Peru for 2023.   Which one is calling you?


Experience the extraordinary healing of sacred plant medicine

MARCH 16-28, 2023   

with Linda Fitch and renowned jungle shaman
Don Guido, Ayahuasca Curandero of the Shipibo Tribe

Journey with Linda Fitch on this profound and life-changing spiritual expedition to the Amazon

  • Travel with a small, private and intimate group

  • Be held gently in ceremony with the healing of the sacred plant medicine and herbs of the jungle

  • Take part in 8 evening Ayahuasca Ceremonies, individual private sessions and additional healing rituals under the guidance of renowned jungle shaman and Ayahuasquero Don Guido

  • Experience rainforest hikes with experienced and knowledgable English-speaking local guides

  • Commune with tropical wildlife, from pink dolphins to scarlet macaws

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SALKANTAY – Sacred Journey to the Holy Mountain

Recharge your life and come into alignment with Spirit

August 19-31, 2023

with Linda Fitch and Q'ero shaman Don Pablo

 Come source from the Sacred Feminine Mountain of Salkantay.  There simply are no words to describe the beauty and peace you will experience. The mountain will source you forever. 

This extraordinary trip, shared by a small private and intimate group, will take place in some of the most sacred and powerful light-filled places on the planet where can accelerate our soul's growth. 


Each step is made easier by those around you – pulling you energetically along with them. After acclimating and exploring the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, you will camp near the base of this magnificent mountain – observing avalanches on Salkantay's dramatic walls.  Nightfall brings even more amazing sounds as we listen to Pachamama's breath and sleep peacefully beneath the stars and moon. You receive the high rites of the creator from our Q'ero shaman at Salkantay Lagoon, 15,750 feet, overlooking the Vilcabamba Range.


The Salkantay expedition is not for the faint of heart. It includes five days (four nights camping) on the mountain. But it is a journey that calls your soul and that will change your life forever.  Are you ready?

San Pedro


A Spiritual Journey to the Amazon

SEPTEMBER 1-6, 2023​
with Linda Fitch and renowned jungle shaman
Don Guido of the Shipibo Tribe


Experience the extraordinary healing of sacred Plant Medicine

  • Travel with a small, private and intimate group and be held in sacred space

  • Be held gently in ceremony with the holistic healing of the sacred plants and herbs of the jungle

  • Take part in 4 evening Ayahuasca Ceremonies plus traditional cleansing and healing ceremonies

  • Experience the natural beauty and tropical wildlife of the"Mirrored Jungle" of the Amazon, nestled within an unspoiled rainforest setting.

  • Stay in the beautiful and rustic Heliconia Amazon Lodge on the banks of the Amazon River, 

  • Every bungalow has a private terrace, en-suite bathrooms with wall tile, and access to the main garden 



December 1-7, 2023 | January 6-14, 2024

with Linda Fitch and Dona Julia Calderon

Group size limited to 15 participants per trip

On the January of this trip, Dona Julia is offering a specially designed journey for family healing through your lineage. This program is created for family members to participate together—parents and children, spouses, in-laws, and all kinds of systems. You will experience and share the power of Dona Julia's clearing, allowing for profound healing and magic when multiple generations and connections gather with intention in ceremony together.

Experience an intimate and powerful healing journey unlike any other. 


Working 1:1 and in small groups with Dona Julia Caledron, daughter of the famed Eduardo Caledron, one of Peru's most renowned shamans and healers, you will experience deep clearing and personal healing through fire, eggs, guinea pigs and flower baths – among the most profound authentic and powerful healing techniques shamans offer.


In the evenings, we will experience the gentle clearing, blessing and healing power of the sacred plant medicine San Pedro. Used for more than 3,000 years in the Andes of Peru, it can help open your doors of perception, release barriers and limitations, and connect you with your heart space.

Come discover the beautiful, unspoiled coastal desert region of Northern Peru, as we explore ancient sacred sites, amazing natural landscapes and picturesque colonial towns. Visit the Moche Pyramids and the Chan Chan ruins of an ancient Chimor mud city, and experience the grandeur of the Temples of the Sun and the Moon, the largest adobe pyramid in Peru, beneath the volcanic peak of Cerro Blanco.

Are you ready to step in?

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Linda Fitch has led spiritual trips to Peru for more than 20 years. Her passion is to create a sacred journey for you to connect to the land and the holy mountains. You will be held, pushed, nurtured and loved as you experience the heart of the mysterious and the deep sacredness of the Jungle and/or Mount Salkantay. 

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