helping you find your wings ...

... so you can Fly

 Do you have a burning passion to evolve? 


Is there a pull on your soul to fly?

Do you have a deep yearning. . . a call . . .a beckoning to become even more?

Are you here to discover your awakening and purpose this lifetime?

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When we work together, I hold a vision of your becoming that is bigger than you have ever imagined possible. 


With deepest love and power, I see fiercely and consistently this bigger destiny ...You are here to become one of the very best versions of yourself.

This unique shamanic coaching is a way to answer your greater calling…. 

With spirit, together we co-create that transformation you have been yearning for your life. You will have a clarity you never thought possible.  


You will change.


Create the Dream. . . Answer the Call


I have created this new three-day, individual in-person program to help you take the thoughts, callings, dreams and visions you have….into manifest.


Maybe you have invested years of time and energy in training, sometimes from many different modalities…or maybe you have been a seeker and life-long learner but now want to share your own wisdom and be of service in the world


Or maybe you have a dream that so longs to be brought into the light that it wakes you up in the early mornings with its call…


It is time to take the dream, the passion, the vision, your service into the next step of manifestation.


This is my gift – the ability to help you weave together ideas, thoughts and feelings into a journey of transformation, helping you access your own personal wisdom.


During an intensive, 3-day 1:1 weekend, we will dive deep into refining your dream using techniques I have learned in 40 years of business and teaching… and everything shamanic. We will explore the steps of creating the plan… resources…personal work necessary…program development…the steps to manifest your becoming.


By the end of the weekend you will have created a destiny that pulls you into your becoming. My service is the ripples you will create by sharing your own unique voice, soul and wisdom with the world.

This is for you if you:

  • Have a great idea but don’t know how to bring it into manifestation

  • Have a dream you want to create

  • Are afraid to bring out your wisdom and share it; but know your soul demands you to

  • Can’t put off the call to share your wisdom any longer

  • Don’t know what exactly to create, but know that is the next step

  • Have all these “pieces” in your head but not how to put them together


We will customize a roadmap based on your needs and dreams.  We will focus on identifying all the missing pieces and using the energy of your soul’s longing to fly… create what will give you optimum results, the impact in the world. 


Your Commitment: To show up fully for yourself and step in


Not everyone is accepted for this unique coaching approach. I work only with participants who are fully committed. I work with only 3 people per year, and acceptance is by application only.


The three most important requirements for a good fit are being committed to your own growth, coachable, and willing to be of service


I want to work with those willing to step in with courage, commitment, and who are willing to play full out. Who want to make that difference, who want to soar… even higher.


Is that you?  APPLY TODAY


In-Person Only


  • Location: Yachats, Oregon (approximately 3.5 hours south of Portland)

  • Hours: 2 pm Friday through 12 noon Sunday. Evening work included.

  • Limited Availability – By application only

  • Dates to be determined.

  • Additional details sent upon acceptance.

  • Scholarships are not available.

  • Signing personal code of conduct will be required.


Optional 1-day Add On – Magic Intensive


Want to take it one more step? Does your vision include teaching or taking your message out to the world? Extend your work for an another day to add individual training and mentoring on how to present and deliver your message. Details available upon request.



This is a very special group of dream partners and wisdom keepers, with amazing knowledge, who listen to the voice of intuition and know how to track, coming together as a group, so that each person can become one of the best versions of their becoming.

The group will be small and exclusive, inviting in only individuals who walk with the highest integrity, sitting together virtually via online technology.

Using a structured mastermind process that I'll be facilitating, you''ll get – and share – guidance, inspiration and wisdom at the physical, emotional and energetic levels as part of this amazing power house.

Want in? There are a limited number of openings.



Medicine men and women across cultures have long held the energetic keys to unlocking the places in our lives where we are caught, where we find ourselves alone, disconnected from Source.


This is my passion. 
Each individual session awakens a destiny line to what is possible. When you touch into what remains outside your awareness, what you have been unable to access because it has been too overwhelming, painful, or unacceptable, your healing journey unfolds…with different healing tools, shamanism, NLP, Silva, my wisdom…


These healing sessions provide deep personal transformation. The session begins with a short talk about how your life is today, with a focus on what is not working for you or what you soul longs for in order to make your visions possible. This can be physical disease, emotional issues, feelings of being stuck in situations, lost life force, stress, repeating themes that keep showing up and do not serve you,  loss of a loved one or more.

I offer two options for individual sessions: monthly sessions, or standalone sessions.


Commit to Your Becoming (12 months of 1:1 sessions - one per month)

It is my honor to work with those who commit to their transformation by working with me monthly for one year. I have seen them create miracles in their lives and clear at the deepest level. There are a limited amount of spots available each year; an application and year-long commitment are required. Individual session price with this program is $380 per session per month.




Stand-alone Healing Session (1:1 sessions as available)

Due to my teaching, travel and coaching commitments, I have limited availability for individual sessions scheduled on a one-off basis. Cost per session is $430. All requests for bookings of individual sessions must be completed via my online booking system. Payment is required in advance at time of booking.