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Become more fully present in every moment 

For thousands of years, shamans have known what physicists are proving today: that one can step outside of time, into a place where we can live differently and heal differently.


In this place of sacred time – outside of linear time, where time exists like a wheel – we can step into synchronicity, ease and flow, become more fully present in each moment, move backward or forward in time, even break free from the archetype of time itself.


Join us to experience the internal shift needed to move into a place of stillness and navigate the streams of time. Discover new ways of staying in the sacred to create and anchor in a destiny crafted with spirit from outside of time. Come build a new relationship with time to leap into a destiny of laughter, joy, peace, beauty and abundance for yourself and for the world.

Mt. Shasta, CA    September 10-13, 2020        REGISTER



The Shaman's Secrets to Living a Life You Love

Debuting Online in 2020



Choose and Create the Life You Desire

We make choices in every moment that create our destiny, but often aren’t conscious about what we are creating through our day-to-day actions.  In today's turbulent times of challenge and change, it is critical to develop the skills to consciously compose the destiny of our own lives and hold a greater vision of what is possible for the earth and all her inhabitants.  


In this class we will work on clearing the karma, personal trauma and family-of-origin patterns that keep pushing you in a certain direction or into a destiny that does not fit one of the best versions of yourself, and will also learn the shaman's tools and practices for how to energize a pathway for another.

Boulder, Colorado      September 18-20, 2020         REGISTER                  



The Shaman's Practice of  Seeing  

Connect with your voice of intuition and learn skills and techniques to become master of your own life.


Learning the skills of what to “see,” (known as tracking or divination by the shaman), is vital to creating the life you desire. This class is packed with powerful skills that allow your vision to be clearer and your intuition stronger. You will learn how to make and use your own divination power objects, how to receive guidance from the natural world and so much more.


Come explore the power of  these traditional forms of visioning and uncover your own unique medicine. Whether you’re new to shamanic wisdom or an experienced student, you’ll discover and develop your skills as a shamanic tracker.



Shamanic Healing Techniques, Practices & Ceremony for Crossing and Grief

Join us for this comprehensive overview of shamanic death rites and classic psychopomp work as practiced by the ancient Shamanic traditions. This workshop is both for those wanting to explore the personal journey of the soul as it separates from the body, and for those who work with others in all phases of dying, death and grief, including family members and loved ones, hospice workers, clergy, medical professionals and healing practitioners. Even if you don't work with the dying – or don't think you do – this class is an excellent introduction to the tools and practices of shamanism.

Sun Valley, Idaho      May 15-17, 2020        REGISTER        



Tools for Releasing the Dark

Much of what we see and experience in our world is created unconsciously in the energetic realm. Having the skills to walk consciously in the light – in balance and right relationship – has never been more important to our world than in today’s turbulent and challenging times. 


Come learn to work with wisdom, safety and strength to balance anger, fear, negative thoughts and other forms of misdirected energy from those who may wish harm upon another, both intentionally and unintentionally.


Participants will learn empowering self-protection skills and practices to work with unraveling the sorcery directed toward others, as well as skills to shift our own self-sorcery, and release curses, bindings and other negative thought forms. 



Come dance in the magic of time – 

dream time, sacred time, shaman's time, time to come

Dreaming doesn't just happen while we sleep. Dreaming is waking up to sources of guidance, healing and creativity beyond the reach of the everyday mind. Our lives become richer and more abundant when we learn to become dreamers and use the gift of dreaming to create our world. We will merge the lines of reality through the use of sacred time to create the world you want. Even if you don't remember your dreams (yet) this class is for you!




Advanced Presentation Skills for Teachers, Authors, Coaches, Entrepreneurs & Spiritual Practitioners

You have an important message to share with the world. Your vision, insight and wisdom need to be heard. This is the magic of presenting through mastery of specific non-verbal communication skills – so your message is received loud and clear!


Discover how every posture, gesture, voice tone, pause and breath unlock the secret to delivering your message clearly and with impact that goes straight to the heart.


Learn how to hold clarity and intention and deliver the beauty of your message with warmth and ease, in a clear, compelling and resonant manner so others can hear you at the deepest level. 


You have your amazing talent, skills and knowledge to share. Come learn the specific “how to” so you can master the art of creating and delivering with impact.


Healing The Personal and Shifting the Global 

Come learn to dance with the Archetypes - the energies that influence our lives and shape our world views. Together, we'll discover, explore, identify and engage the energetic forces that guide us, influence us, and – if we're not in right relationship with them –  ensnare us. 


If the archetypes that guide our world are perceived as wounded, we all carry the burden of that wound and continue to mirror that though our individual lives.  Working individually and collectively at the global level, we'll explore and call upon the timeless energy of the archetypes – of the Masculine and the Feminine, of Mother, Death, Justice, the Collective and more – to see how they are holding us and shaping our world view. We'll use tarot cards, astrology, myths and images from popular culture to step inside the living field of the Archetypes, to understand what they need, what they are trying to accomplish in these times and how they – and you – can transform.


Come sit in a weekend of ceremony, healing and conscious co-creation. When you work with the Archetypes you are working way upstream – at the level of the gods. Let’s step in together and learn to do this mystical work consciously and with joy – for ourselves and for our planet.

Athens, GA     Coming Summer 2020

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