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 with Linda Fitch



This is a very special group of dream partners and wisdom keepers, with amazing knowledge, who listen to the voice of intuition and know how to track, coming together as a group, so that each person can become one of the best versions of their becoming.

The group will be small and exclusive, inviting in only individuals who walk with the highest integrity, sitting together virtually via online technology.

Using a structured mastermind process that I'll be facilitating, you''ll get – and share – guidance, inspiration and wisdom at the physical, emotional and energetic levels as part of this amazing power house.

I want individuals trained and skilled and willing to work see clearly and sort through the story… to sit together via online technology.


I’ve been professionally facilitating for more than 35 years and LOVE the process that groups bring together. 

This is your personal invitation to come play with me.

This mastermind group will be your dream partners, holding the vision you want of your becoming and highest vibration with their full power, bringing in energetic allies and resources needed through a facilitated process. This not a personal session – but a facilitated joining of wisdom keepers (and shaman) helping with ideas, tracking, and resources being your visionaries… the ultimate mastermind experience with like-minded and skilled players.


Each time we meet (virtually, online via Zoom) you will have the gift of being on the “Hot Seat,” where you will be crystal clear and succinct in bringing your issue to the table, explaining your situation, and then remaining silent, listening, as the other members track… see and bring clarity and solutions. 
You will be looked at through the shaman’s intuitive eye of your peers, and benefit from the full skills of each member’s rich and varied toolbox. They will be looking at:

  • Where you may be caught on the triangle of disempowerment

  • What story needs to be re-written….

  • What inner game work might you need to be doing and limiting beliefs they hear….

  • What literal and physical answers or pivots are apparent, but you don’t see…

  • What is the dream that needs to be expressed…

  • What cultural or archetypical piece is at play and what is your role…

  • What is the question that is not being asked.

  • What do you need to hear

We will end the time together with visioning way upstream for the answers – as close to spirit where the language is light, vibration, and frequency.

There are only 12 seats available, plus me in each.




The cost of most masterminds is about $5,000 - $10,000 year – and well worth every penny if you find the right one. But… for 2024 I am offering a 9 month (April – December) SPECIAL discounted price. Choose the payment option that works for you.

$1,800 (single payment) or
9 monthly payments of $250 or

Time commitment is approximately 120-140 minutes once a month.

Wanna play?  Complete the required application for your opportunity to participate in this year's program. (Even if you've applied in the past, a new request is required for this year's program.)


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