Frequently Asked Questions

Journey to Mt. Salkantay

What is covered by the trip cost?

Ground transportation and lodging are included for the entire journey itinerary, including the first night’s stay in a first-class hotel in Lima, and hotel lodging in the Sacred Valley and Cusco. A tent, sleeping bag, and lightweight camping mat are included, and carried separately for us to our base camp.

If you arrive prior to the start day of the trip, you are responsible for your own accommodations and transfer to the group meeting location. All site entrance fees, and day-trip ground transportation are included, as outlined in the program.

Lunches and dinners are not included in the trip cost, except for during the camping portion of the trip. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided while on the mountain.

You will want to put aside approximately $35 - $40/day for meals. We also collect money for tips for our guides, porters, and mountain cooking crew, ranging from $15 - $20/day, to be given out on the last day.

On the mountain journey, shamans may be available for individual work by request, and at an extra cost. We will also have opportunities to purchase items from the shamans, and for shopping at local markets.

Day trips, transportation and admissions to sacred sites of Moray, Pumamarca, Pisaq and Machu Picchu are included.

NOTE: International airfare to and from Lima, and in-country flights between Lima and Cusco are NOT included.

What airport do I fly into?

You are responsible for booking your own international flights to Lima, Peru. If you arrive prior to the starting date of the trip (August 6, 2020), you will be responsible for your own hotel accommodations and/or transportation to the group meeting location. You are also responsible for booking your own domestic in-country flights to and from Lima and Cusco. We are requesting that everyone in the group travel on the same domestic flights from Lima to Cusco and back, and will provide the recommended flights upon registration.

What is the weather like?

During this time of year, temperatures can flucuate widely, with moderate daily temperatures reaching near 70 degrees F, and evening lows dipping below freezing. Winds can be strong.

It is best to be prepared for any type of weather conditions: wet and dry/sunny, cold and warm. During the mountain camping stay, it can get very cold at night and we are in tents, so extra warm layers, thick socks, warm hat, and gloves are important.

What kind of gear do I need?

A comfortable day pack is recommended as your airline carry on that can accommodate essential items, clothing layers, water, snacks, camera, etc. during our daily excursions and on the mountain journey.

Everything else should fit into your main, checked suitcase.

Luggage with wheels cannot be carried by porters and horses for the camping portion of the trip, so it is necessary to pack a medium size waterproof duffle or a soft sided suitcase for your extra clothing and other personal belongings while on the mountain journey leg.

A tent, sleeping bag, and lightweight camping mat are included, and carried separately for us to our base camp. Camp is set up by our amazing crew once we arrive. Extra luggage can be left at the hotel while you are on the mountain.

Layered clothing is key to staying comfortable, including a protective outer layer, insulated layer, and moisture wicking base layers. Sturdy, broken-in hiking boots are also important.

Other primary accessories include water bottles and/or a hydrating system, sunglasses, hats, gloves, head lamp, ear plugs, toiletries, small first aid kit, head-ache medicine, hand sanitizer/wipes, and hiking stick/poles. Other items you may want include are an alarm, travel pillow, sewing kit, reading and writing materials.

Is there electricity, wi-fi or cell phone coverage?

Electric supply in Peru is 220 volts AC, 60Hz. Twin flat blade (as used in the US) and twin round pin plugs (as used in Europe) are both standard here. HOWEVER: There is NO electrical power during the 5-day, 4-night camping stint on the mountain.

WiFi: There is no WiFI service during the mountain portion of the trip. Wi-fi and cellular service are available in Lima and the Sacred Valley. We recommend contanting your mobile provider prior to the trip for plans for international data roaming, texting, phone calls, and emails.

Is it physically strenuous?

The journey includes five days hiking at elevation on the mountain and four nights camping, as well as several day hikes in the Sacred Valley, to acclimate to the altitude, to allow your body to adjust gradually, and with appropriate jumps in elevation.

Hiking on the mountain is about 3-4 miles (one way) each day, starting out at 12,950 ft. and with our base camp at 14,950 ft.

The highest we go is 15,750 ft. for ceremony at Salkantay Lagoon. We have a first-class medic with us for “just-in-case” with oxygen and horses available for anyone that needs them.

Do I need any special training or shamanic experience?

Absolutely not. This is a spiritual journey that your soul calls you to.

An open heart and mind, and willingness to excel, learn, and grow on your path are all that’s required.

The beauty and power of this sacred land, it’s people and culture, and the group synergy combine to create a magical and transformative experience that will hold and propel your entire journey in profound and life-changing ways. You will reach a new, deeper understanding of who you are, in alignment with spirit.

You will be immersed in deep, sacred ceremony, receive several energetic transmissions directly from the Q’ero shaman at many sacred sites, and be connected to the undomesticated wild feminine energy of sacred Mount Salkantay that will accompany and source you for the rest of your life.

I'm not in very good shape. Can I still participate?

This expedition is structured and held in such a way as to accommodate people with a wide range of abilities and ages.

However, this trip is an active and physical trip. We often are hiking 3-4 miles per day at altitude, and it includes several nights of outdoor camping on the mountain

At a minimum we recommend that you be in general good health, and commit to gentle and regular physical exercise prior to the trip.

Linda has been leading this expedition for many, many years, and has vast experience and sensitivity to providing all that is needed for each person’s unique and safe journey while holding the group impeccably.

We are strategically acclimated along the way, and energetically prepared, held, and supported by each other, sacred ceremony, the land, and its beautiful people. We are accompanied by some of the most well-known and respected shamans, medics, guides, and local support crews available.

Horses are accessible to us on the Mountain journey portion of the trip that are led by locals, and no horse-riding experience is necessary.

Can I get a private room?

Both Single and Double Occupancy rooms are available. There is a surcharge of $500 for a single room. Requests for a single room must be made in advance at the time of booking. Please contact our travel manager, for additional information.

Do you offer payment plans?

We are happy to work with you on setting up a flexible payment plan. Please contact our travel manager Luz Moyer to discuss. Please note that all trip costs must be paid in full prior to the commencement of travel.

I'm on a special diet. What's the food like?

For vegetarians and gluten-free diets, there are plenty of options to enjoy, and the food is pure and natural. Breakfasts are included while staying at the hotels in the Sacred Valley, and are usually served buffet style, so you can choose what you like. Many include a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, cheeses, yogurts, granola, nuts, cereals, coffee, tea, juices, scrambled eggs, omelets, breads, and other proteins. Most lunches and dinners have hot soups, local cooked main dishes, breads, potatoes, steamed vegetables, avocados and a variety of proteins. The food is amazingly fresh, beautiful, clean, and nutritious.

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand unforeseen situations can arise. However, due to the limited number of spaces available for each expedition, we have a strict cancellation policy. Once made, all trip deposits and payments are non-refundable. However, credit for fees paid can be applied to a future expedition. Credit is good for one year from the time of cancellation. Requests for cancellation must be submitted in writing via email to, with a cc to