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Your Extraordinary Story 

An 8-week Advanced LIVE online course with Linda Fitch

renowned teacher of shamanic energy medicine and creator of the transformational program Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Sharing Your  Gifts to
to CoCreate a Magical World


Discover advanced principles and practices of

Shamanic Energy Medicine to source from Spirit, enhance your skills,

and share your wisdom and magic more fully with the world

You are here to live a fulfilled life, juicy and vital. You have experienced it for yourself, so you know it is possible


Your heart calls you to make a difference – to create a better world by giving back, being of service and fulfilling your purpose this lifetime. 

You’ve felt the connection to something bigger, and quite naturally desire to have each moment that way: filled with joy, ease and peace...all the time. And to give it all back fully with balance and grace.


But yet…Even though you have sought out answers, and cleared, practiced and studied, there is still unfinished business; old patterns or unresolved issues can still hang on


Even with all your skills, that old story “drama” can resurface to trip you up and drop you back into the same old rut – keeping you from leaping forward and living to your fullest potential.


During the last 20 years I’ve worked with thousands of students, in addition to one on one client work, and what I’ve come to realize is there is a deeper story that is part of our western world. Unless you recognize the shift this story it will continue to show up and stop you.

I created this advanced course –Your Extraordinary Story: Sharing Your Gifts to Co-Create a Magical World – to give you tested tools, deeper knowledge and day-to-day guidance to help you continue your journey.


When you connect your power with your calling, and step into love, you can become the highest version of yourself being of service to create a better world.


Through the weekly classes you will come to understand the old story at a new level; how our western cultural norms, family and world systems keep us in a place of fear, scarcity and guilt.


Most importantly you will connect to spiritual practices, through utilizing your current tools, along with new ones, to create a sacred journey that allows you to step into freedom.


It takes continued energy, courage and commitment to shift out of a rut, but these advanced tools are clear, they work and allow you the place to co-create a magical story.


You will take your current skills to the next level and a gain a deeper understanding of how to always source from spirit. You can claim and create a bigger magical life full of vision and possibilities for yourself and for the world.


The next chapter of the world is a place of fulfilling your purpose with grace, gratitude and love and then giving it all back. You will embark on a journey with fellow participants that will include exercises; weekly journeys; ceremony and recommended homework.

You CAN have an extraordinary life and a sacred journey of magic and service.

I invite you to join me.

By the end of this course you will:


  • Deepen your skills so you can live in magic and infinite capacity full of possibility for yourself, your family and the world

  • Claim a bigger purpose for yourself through adding new tools to become the author of an updated story.

  • Step our of a small, limited perspective to become a visionary with a bigger global purpose


  • Learn to know and trust life's unfolding in partnership with all of life. 


My parents were dedicated teachers in a small college town where I spent countless hours along the Rio Grande river. My dad’s purpose was to help others “think” out of the box and he taught cool classes I attended about space ship earth, paranormal events; and was dedicated to world peace. My mom gave me books about the magic of Findhorn and sent me to Silva Mind Control at age 17 where I learned how to work with guides, access different levels of the brain and the importance of our thoughts. 


I was totally enthralled how to ethically work with energy inside someone’s body to bring healing. Following a natural resource career I was introduced to Nero-Linguistics programming (NLP) where I fell in love with how people think, communicate and are continually striving to become better. 

It was absolutely the perfect storm; a foundation of thinking out of the box from my dad, deep love and connection to the mother earth, love of people and their ability to transform and change, observing and teaching skills, and a calling to work with the magic of energy and healing.


Shamanic Energy Medicine answered each of my loves and called me to be of service!


I’ve been in the trenches learning to embody the practices I’ve been taught from many different shamanic mentors and teachers. This is a path of power for service and I’m honored to share how you CAN create an Extraordinary Story for yourself.


This teaching is my passion.


I’m excited for who you are called to become but most importantly to see what you will bring to creating our future world.


Session 1  

Your Sacred Story: Connecting to the Divine through Your Practice

In our first session we will review the core concepts of connecting with the Divine. You will have the chance to see your life and identify the remaining patterns that keep you caught in the old drama, rut or cultural story.


In this session you’ll experience:


  • How to use a shamanic world tree to assist in transmuting any old limiting patterns that stop you from creating an extraordinary story

  • A new examination of your tool bag

  • A new understanding of how to work with masculine/feminine energies and a new way to bring them into balance

Session 2  

The Divination Tools: Your Greatest Skill in Seeing and Claiming Your New Story

Understanding how the shaman is the visionary to create their own reality and the reality for the world is core to Session 2, along with identifying how the voice of spirit is always guiding you.


Through personal exploration you will learn even more how to use your intuition as a navigation tool to develop trust in your own internal guidance. You will step into the realm of dream-time with skills to use the magic night offers. Learn to vision a new extraordinary story that is grounded in the sacred with all your senses and create the new beliefs to make it happen.


In this session you’ll learn:


  • How to establish a safe place to connect and bring in assistance and learn new techniques to unwind energy that stops you

  • To examine your perception of reality that is creating the story that you are telling yourself and others.

  • To identify and shift old limiting beliefs that may be personal, family, or cultural that hold you in “seeing” and keep your stuck in an old story.

  • What qualities you want as part of your new extraordinary story and the new beliefs to support that vision

Session 3  

Broaden the Field: Cultivating Gratitude as a Way of Life

In Session 3 we jump into the deep end to offer healing and clearing to your family and cultural lineages. You will realize how you may still practice personal self sorcery through limiting beliefs and self talk, and how to continue your own needed mental house cleaning.


In this session you’ll learn:

  •  The importance of vibration and how it affects you, and have specific steps on the quickest way to shift it.

  •  How cultural and family beliefs unconsciously affect you and tools and practices to unhook from these old beliefs and old story

  •  How to create a gratitude ceremony and teach others in your community.

  • How to connect to the Gaia for assistance and guidance through journey.

Session 4  

Sacred Time: Exploring What Really Matters

In Session 4 we explore what shamans have known for thousands of years, and what physicists are proving today:  it is possible to step outside of time as we know it, into a place where we can live differently and heal differently.


In this place of sacred time, where time exists like a wheel, it is possible to step into synchronicity, to bend time, even move backward or forward in time, and to break free from the archetype of time itself. 


In this session you will learn:

  • Effective tools for working with dream time,

  • About parallel lives and how they may be draining your energy

  • To shift your core question around “time” so it allows you to fully create an extraordinary story

  • How to dance with becoming fully present in this “now” moment.

Session 5  

The Doorway: Working with Death as Your Ally

The shaman realizes death and transition open the doorway to new possibilities. Every shamanic tradition has death and dying practices within it because of the deep wisdom gained. The shaman has historically been the guide to walk the departed over and in these modern times their knowledge is equally as important for dealing with loss, transition and grief to insure you can fully create an extraordinary story.  In this session you will learn:

  • A Journey of dismemberment to go down to just the essence of who you really are

  • Clearing of personal unfinished business so you can have all your energy and be present for creating the story you want for yourself and the world.

  • New skills to work with transitioning to your new story

  • The importance of and how to utilize a grief altar

Session 6 

Protections & Clearing: Applying Powerful Skills to Create Freedom from Fear

Learning to work with the core shamanic practices of protections of individuals and spaces, and clearing of heavy energy, including thought forms, are woven into Session 6.


The shaman knows the tools to stay in alignment as the world shifts around them and how to assist others on their journey. The shaman knows that the universe is benign, and that fear is their greatest enemy.


Using the Tupi process your will experience how to unwind what may be haunting you and shift immediately into a new way of being. In this session your will experience:.

  • Specific tools to clear spaces of unwanted energy

  • Establishing additional guides and guardians to assist you in creating a new story

  • How to track individual unique energetic signatures as part of creating an extraordinary story.

  • A deeper understand self sorcery and how it limits your connection to the divine and stops you from changing your story

Session 7 

Being of Sacred Service: Utilizing the Sage’s Tools of Manifestation

In Session 7, our work becomes pure magic as you understand and experience how to source yourself in the sacred where miracles become the norm.


After determining the specific chapters of Your Extraordinary Story you’ll work with upper world guides, a blessing space, and the steps of manifestation to create a sacred journey.


In this session you will learn:

  • The specific steps of manifestation and to be clear about what you want to co-create

  • The qualities that make up the chapters of your life so they become part of your new extraordinary story.

  • How to install a blessing field to clear limiting elements from the past or create your future.

  • How to come into alignment at all levels of your being as you step into leadership and service

Session 8 

Your Destiny Pathway: Creating Your Extraordinary Version of Yourself

In Session 8, you will explore the core practices of creating your extraordinary story for your life and what that looks and feels like for all the chapters of your life.  


You will journey to create and step into this new destiny and connect with the energy that will propel you on the clear sacred path towards a global role of service. When you understand fully the specific steps of manifestation then becoming an extraordinary version of yourself becomes an act of power.


In this session you will discover:

  • Your personal boundaries with spirit so they become part of your new extraordinary story.

  • How to step away from suffering to create ease and grace to allow the seeds of your gifts to be planted with spirit

  • The role your heart, mind and body have in creating your destiny How to establish clear boundaries for your health and vitality


Sharing Your  Gifts to
to CoCreate a Magical World

8 Weekly Live Course Teaching Sessions

8 Weekly Live Interactive Group Q&A

Practice and Reflection Questions for each course session

Course Materials & Handouts

Private Facebook Group for exclusively for course participants

Audio Recordings of all sessions

Special Bonuses to deepen your course experience


Power Place Journey – An Audio Guided Visualization by Linda Fitch

In this guided audio journey, you create a place that is sacred where nothing can come in that is not in your highest or best interest. This place of power offers you a clear way of discernment, protection, and to receive direct and clear assistance and everyday support in any context of your life.

Conscious Dismemberment Journey – An Audio Guided Visualization by Linda Fitch

Conscious Dismemberment is one of the basic shamanic experiences to make you more available to the oneness or to reunite with spirit. You are always remembered but you are put back together in a new way. Dismemberment is great to use when things are stuck or there are things that need to be released such as grief, lack of inspiration, or ill health. 

Icaros (Ceremonial Medicine Song) by Don Guido, Jungle Shaman  (mp3 download)

Don Guido is a renowned Shapibo Shaman who works with the healing plant medicine of Ayahuasca. His icaros (or ceremonial medicine songs) are sung for protection and healing.

Traditional Sacred Flute Music Audio & Video

Performed at Salkantay Lagoon high in the Andean mountains by Don Pablo, (shaman) and Andean guide Wilson

WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING...About Working with Linda

Linda Fitch has delivered pure shimmering magic into my everyday day world. As my brilliant teacher, shaman, guide & coach, she has created and supercharged an experience of collaborative transformation that has manifested in radical positive expansion of my business, income, happiness and possibilities.

– Teresa Fuller

Real Estate Broker & Developer

Change Your Story is a brilliant way to allow our souls to release patterns that block our ability to enjoy life fully. And the real beauty is that you can use these techniques at any time in your personal or professional life to shift your story again & again. It’s truly an extraordinary gift.


– Gabrielle Trinity

MS, Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine


Linda is one of the greatest gifts of my life. As a mentor, she was who I called as my lifeline before I stood in the gate at the Olympics. She has stayed with me in my journey to self, unwaveringly, offering her wisdom, guidance and grace every step of the way. I have never known anyone to walk their talk as beautifully and with as much integrity as Linda.

 – Jillian Vogtli

Two Time Olympian

Fitness & Wellness Coach

Linda Fitch is an amazing teacher, coach and shamanic practitioner. I have taken many classes with Linda over the years, taught with her, and traveled to Peru on her amazing journeys. Linda’s knowledge, experience and joy lead to wonderful experiential classes. Whether delivering an introductory course or leading advanced students on deeper explorations, she creates a deeply compassionate space for you to heal what needs healing and fully claim your strengths and gifts.


 –  Anasuya Krishnaswamy,

Attorney, scientist, writer & co-founder of the Shaman’s Collective

Linda is knowledgeable, humble, perceptive and deeply connected to the spirit world. Her ethics and professional standards are exemplary, and I am honored to have her as a teacher, a colleague and a companion on my spiritual journey.


   Rev. Terri Daniel, MA, CT

​Author, Educator & End-of-Life Advisor​​​​​​

I have known Linda Fitch for nearly a decade. Her love of nature and passionate integrity create a generous yet practical personal style. With mind and heart well prepared and wide open, Linda shares wisdom practices she has learned and embodied for our personal and collective co-evolution.


- Allie Middleton JD LCSW E-RYT C-IAYT

Integrative Leadership Practices

YOUR TEACHER: Linda L. Fitch

Linda Fitch is a practicing shaman who has studied and worked with the medicine men and women of Peru for nearly two decades. 


Widely recognized for her groundbreaking trainings and classes, ​Linda Fitch is a practicing shaman who has studied and worked with the medicine men and women of Peru for more than two decades. The former ​Dean​ of the Four Winds Society​ Light Body School of Energy Medicine, she has trained thousands of students in shamanic healing practices, ​has led multiple expeditions to the high mountains and jungles of Peru, and maintains an active personal healing practice, working with clients around the globe.

With a stellar track record and impeccable reputation as a teacher of shamanic energy medicine, Linda has taught at prestigious locations like Omega, Kripalu, Esalen, Mount Madonna, Alternatives and East/West. She is in high demand at venues and conferences around the world and her classes and workshops have helped countless healers and practitioners on their own sacred journey and to better serve their clients and their communities.

Linda’s workshops and programs are a combination of her experience in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), shamanism, grief and ritual, archetypes and classic Psychopomp work. She specializes in delivering self-development training and seminars on personal growth subjects such as creating a life in balance, dreams as messages, sacred time, destiny, creating a positive life story, visioning or seeing what you desire, and living a shamanic or sacred path.


She is  is a dynamic and gifted teacher with experience working with large and small groups. A key element in her classes and workshops is an emphasis on being of service in the world, and her graceful style helps others to  shift their life to create the destiny they desire.
She has not only a unique personal development message, but the years of national and international experience in perfecting her delivery and developing teaching methods that work. She taught shamanic energy medicine for more than a decade, and brings a 20-year background of working with businesses, groups, language patterns and modeling from the fields of NLP, the Silva Method and shamanism. Linda is now able to incorporate her past healing modalities with new learnings to help her students easily make the changes they want.

She has studied with NLP teachers Michael Grinder, Steve and Connirae Andreas, Tim Hallbom, Suzi Smith and Robert Dilts, and shamans Alberto Villoldo, David Corbin, Nan Moss and Theo Parades. She is a certified hypnotherapist under Nick LeForce and has worked with teachers Sobonfu Somée, Robert Moss and Sharon O’Hara. She is also a licensed minister. 


Your Extraordinary Story 

Sharing Your  Gifts to
to CoCreate a Magical World

Live Course begins Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Full LIVE 8-Week Course with Linda Fitch + FREE BONUS CONTENT

Just $397

1 payment of $397

3 payments of $145 ea

  • How does the online course work?
    This is a LIVE 6-week online course, with new sessions conducted weekly over Zoom. If you are not able to attend live, all sessions (with the exception of Session 5) will be recorded and posted to the course website within 48 hours. You will have exclusive access via private link to the course website which will house all of our materials in the course including recordings, training videos, checklists, templates, PDFs, etc. You can access the website via any device with internet access.
  • Do I need any special equipment?
    The only equipment you’ll need is a computer (or tablet or smart phone) with an internet connection. To attend the live sessions, you will need to download and install the Zoom app. All of the calls and the materials will be accessed online via a private website.
  • What happens after I register?
    You’ll receive an immediate confirmation of your course registration. Prior to our first session, you will receive your personal log-in and password info to the course website and a link to the Zoom sessions.
  • Who can I contact for more information?
    For questions about the course, contact For technical and other support questions, contact

Your Extraordinary Story 

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