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A transformational 7-week LIVE online course with Linda Fitch

Tuesdays beginning January 18, 2022

Discover the simple practices used by shamans, yogis and scientists

to connect to the power of dreaming and consciously create a life you love

Dreaming doesn't just happen while we sleep.


Dreaming is waking up to sources of guidance, healing and creativity beyond the reach of the everyday mind. 

Our lives become richer and more abundant when we learn to become dreamers with our eyes wide open and use the gift of dreaming to create our world.


For thousands of years, shamans, yogis and mystics have used dream work for guidance, healing, clarity and wisdom . . . to co-create a magical life with Spirit. 


And you can too!

To be fully, passionately awake and present to the miracle of life – to truly follow the voice of your soul and create a life you love – you first have to awaken to and embrace the power of the dream space. 


And so much magic is possible when you do.


Years of research has documented how working with your dreams can promote healing at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels, helping to clear karma and heal the past, and assist in working with issues like depression, insomnia, grief, fear and more.


If you are not living the life you want, if you feel broken, miserable or unfulfilled,  it doesn’t have to be that way.


If you’re looking for change, for the courage to leave the toxic “old” behind, that’s possible now…. With dream work. 


You can have the transformation that is easy. You can even clear experiences before they manifest!


Based on time-tested tools, practices and wisdom from a wide range of cultures and traditions, and infused with a sprinkling of the latest brain science and dream research, Dream into Being is a magical journey of transformation, guidance and awakening to the wisdom of your soul.


Whether you’re new to working with your dreams or an experienced shamanic practitioner, you'll discover simple, effective and transformational tools and practices to help you connect to the wisdom of your dreams, align with your soul's passion, and become truly awake and alive, ready to consciously dream a new world into being.

You already have the power within you. This course will help you access it.  And I'll be there with you, every step of the way. Will you join me?


My name is Linda Fitch, and I’ve been a practicing shaman for more than 20 years.

I’ve trained thousands of students in shamanic healing techniques, and I'm passionate about sharing those tools and practices with others. 


It was a dream – more than 30 years ago – that changed my life.

It was a soul dream, calling me to stay awake, and it continues to call me forward today. 


It put me on a path of finding and learning tools and practices to become the very best version of myself . . and creating maps to help others, like you, to find and follow your soul’s calling, so you can become a better version of yourself too.


In following that dream, I had to look at family patterns, hurts and hatred, trauma and shame.


I had to walk through a dark night of my soul, haunted by nightmares, afraid of who I would become if I let the dream die. 


And I dove deep into learning about the sacredness and magic possible in “dreams.” 

Over the years, I have discovered simple tools and practices that make it possible – and easier than you think – to access guidance, healing and creativity beyond the limits of your everyday mind.


Dream into Being is just a small taste of the miracles I’ve found along the way. 

I've seen first-hand what a difference dreamwork can make, transforming the emotions of fear, scarcity, guilt, or sadness into passion, joy, abundance, love and gratefulness.

I’ve seen students and clients change old limiting beliefs, let go of family or cultural patterns, and  shift illness into health.


I've witnessed lives transformed, and deep connections forged with spirit.

I’ve been touched by their joy, gratitude, peace and love as my students have experienced their transformations… and also by their sharing of how working with their dreams has allowed them to be more fully present in their waking lives, and the lives of those they love.

I've been teaching my dream class in person for more than 10 years, and it's one of my favorites. ​I’ve been asked for years to put these tools in a more accessible format, and it has become part of my calling to share this powerful work with as many people as possible. 

Dream into Being: Create a Life You Love is the result.

 I invite you to join me on this extraordinary journey.

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During this course, you will :

  • Learn to connect to the power of dreaming through proven, easy-to-use practices that really work

  • Master the skills to stay awake and courageously be present – in all aspects of your life

  • Tap into sources of inspiration, healing and creativity beyond the reach of the everyday mind

  • Learn how to clearly see, feel, remember and understand the wisdom, information and guidance you receive every single night. . . whether you are conscious of it or not.

  • Learn the language of dreams so you can tune in to the messages and guidance you receive

  • Develop and strengthen your own voice of intuition

  • Discover the most rapid and direct route to align with your soul's passion and create a life you love!

Image by Johannes Plenio

Session 1  

Time to Dream:  Exploring dreams through history, science and intuition

We'll explore dreams from a historical, cultural and scientific perspective, and dive into the science of images, brain waves and how the shamanic drum opens up dream space. We will finish the module exploring and experiencing your own intuition through exercises, journey and even opening your third eye “seeing” through shamanic rites.

Using wisdom practices, in this module you will:

  • Find your own voice of intuition

  • Explore your voice of intuition through journey and the elements to gain wisdom and guidance 

  • Experience the Kawak or shamanic rite of seeing

  • Review the dreaming foundational skills and answer the most common questions.


Session 2  

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream: Diving deep into sleep

Our second module will be an intense mini-course on sleep. Sleep is not only the backbone of your night time dreaming; it influences your ability to be present during your waking hours. Understanding sleep is vital to brain health, physical health and your ability to connect to your intuition. 

In this module you will:

  • Understand good sleep hygiene and become committed to it for yourself and those you love

  • Journey to find a dream ally who will become a guide and protector in your journey

  • Explore some of the latest tools that will make a difference so you can access and utilize the guidance available each night.


Session 3  

I Can See Clearly Now: Cleaning the lens

The Toltec believe we dream it first, then it happens in our waking life. But our waking lives can be filled with past trauma, old karma and negative patterns. Even our age, hobbies, interests and those we connect with each day can cloud the lens of our dreams. Fears and unhealed hurts from childhood, or even things your parents or grandparents experienced or didn’t heal can unconsciously create for you a waking and sleeping life that can be filled nightmares and feeling stuck or like you are sleep walking. 

In this module you will:

  • Experience techniques from a variety of traditions that allow you to clean the dream lens so you can be fully awake

  • Know the importance to your soul and the world to source yourself from the full river of life by daily clearing unfinished business.

  • Clear unwanted energy through a ceremony used by both the Q'ero shaman and jungle shaman  


Session 4  

Taking Flight: Working within the dream

In this module we explore various ways in which the body travels out while working within the dream space, offering you direct access to other realms. From a shamanic perspective, when the doors are open to the other realms we know it is important to have skills to protect the space and the sacredness of the dream. We'll talk about and install these core protections.

In this module you will:

  • Explore the different types of dreams and why you may be having them

  • Learn to notice the levels of the dream and move between them for clearing, healing and guidance

  • Go on journey to create a safe and powerful place to dream from

  • Experience shamanic protection bands that are woven into your energetic field


Session 5  

Messages from Spirit: What your dreams are telling you

Dreaming provides a direct link to the spiritual world, offering a way to experience the full river of life of which we are a part. Understanding the language of dreams is critical to deciphering not only their messages and guidance but how time and timing is part of the wisdom.

In this module you will:

  • ​Begin to learn the language of dream metaphor and symbols to find their voice

  • Exploring napping and working in shamanic time

  • Learn my favorite dream and life event decipher process

  • Experience the importance of honoring the dream and shamanic ceremony


Session 6  

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This: Dreaming in the future

You are dreaming the future into being with every conscious and unconscious thought. In this module we learn and apply the specifics of practices and tools on how to grow your brain so you can source from your soul’s dream. Using the techniques of manifestation, we go way upstream to create a vision of the world and align with your personal soul’s dream.

In this module you will:

  • ​Learn to develop neuro-plasticity in your brain so it becomes an ally rather than your worst enemy

  • Experience lucid dreaming and how meditation, dream yoga and mindfulness are all part of being lucid

  • Go on journey with the children’s children so you step out of ego to align with a global vision for the world


Session 7  

 Lucid Dreaming: The realm of shamans, yogis and mystics

In a lucid dream you are aware, in real time, of the nature of the reality you are experiencing.  You know that you are dreaming.  You know that your body is lying in bed, asleep, even as you participate in a dream. Dream time now can become a deeply spiritual experience that alters your perceptions of self, your dreams and your waking life itself. 

In this module you will:

  • Learn the skills and steps to be a lucid dreamer including the two ways to enter into the dream space lucidly. 

  • Understand and practice the levels of the dreaming, how to perform a physical reality check, work with your dream signs, create a totem, and using questions to know if you are in a lucid dream.

  • Explore Dream Yoga with the goal of spiritual awakening or reaching “enlightenment”

  • Learn the practices of stabilizing the mind which is the core for developing the skills of lucid dreaming and learn the four foundational practices of dream yoga. 


dream into being logo(1).png

7 LIVE Interactive Teaching Sessions 

5:30 pm Pacific • 7:30 pm Central • 8:30 pm Eastern

Tuesdays January 18 – March 1, 2022

Audio + Video Recordings PLUS Transcripts of all sessions

Weekly Course Materials & Handouts

Guided Meditations, Journeys and Ceremonies

Carefully Curated Resources, References & Articles   

Private moderated WhatsApp group exclusively for course participants

Unlimited Access – wherever, whenever and for as long as you want

Full 30-day Money-back Guarantee

All on an easy-to-use course platform
for desktop, tablets and mobile

+ PLUS Special Bonus content to enhance and expand your course experience



  • EXTRA BONUS INTERACTIVE LIVE SESSION: Dreamwork in the South African shamanic traditions. Live 90-minute teaching and Q&A session with Linda Fitch. (March 22)

  • CREATING YOUR BEAUTIFUL DREAM: A guided audio meditation to create a beautiful dream for yourself, your family, your loved ones & the world. By Linda Fitch.

  • MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS: 5 Steps to Creating a Life You Love.  eBook from Linda Fitch.

  • MASTERING YOUR DREAMS:  2 Core Practices for Working with Your Dreams.  eBook from Linda Fitch 

  • THE GRANDMOTHER TREE: A  journey of guidance and support. A guided audio meditation from the collection The Shaman's Journey  by Linda Fitch

  • MUSIC FOR DREAMTIME:  A New Moon Lullaby. Flutes, singing bowls and gong. From the audio collection Dreamwalker by Pati Pellerito, Center of Sound.


  • THE LIGHTNING BOLT: A Flash of Inspiration. A guided audio journey from Pineal Gland to Root for creativity, relaxation and manifestation by Pati Pellerito, Center of Sound

  • FINDING A DREAMTIME ALLY: An advanced power animal journey. Guided audio meditation by Linda Fitch.

  • THE SHAMAN'S DRUM: Drumming for Shamanic Journey. Free audio track from Linda Fitch.

  • A SLICE OF SACRED TIME: Learn how to understand and work with time in this 3-hour, 3-part Bonus Mini-course from Linda Fitch

  • VIRTUAL FIRE CEREMONY: In gratitude to the Earth – and to Spirit – for the gift of life, and all that we are given. Free online video event With Tom Garcia, Reclaim the Sacred

  • CONVERSATIONS WITH SHAMANIC DREAMKEEPERS: Dive deep into the magic and mysticism of the practice of shamanic dreaming with 3 hours of exclusive interviews with:

    • Andean altomisayoq don Oscar Miro-Quesada​

    • South African sangoma John Lockley 

    • Shamanic healer and teacher Roel Crabbe


An accomplished teacher, mentor, shaman and coach, Linda L. Fitch is passionate about discovering and sharing tools and practices that can help you become the very best version of yourself.


A practicing shaman for more than two decades, she has trained thousands of students in personal development and shamanic healing techniques. The former ​Dean​ of the Four Winds Society​ Light Body School of Energy Medicine, she is widely recognized for her innovative programs, workshops and classes that integrate her experience and training in shamanism, ceremony and ritual, dream work, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the Silva Method and more.


She has worked directly with shamans and healers of the Andes and the Amazon, and leads multiple sacred journeys each year to the high mountains and jungles of Peru. She also maintains an active personal healing and coaching practice, working with clients around the globe. 

WORKING WITH LINDA: What students and clients are saying

Linda Fitch is an amazing teacher, coach and shamanic practitioner. I have taken many classes with her and traveled to Peru on her amazing journeys. Linda’s knowledge, experience and joy lead to wonderful experiential classes. Whether delivering an introductory course or leading advanced students on deeper explorations, she creates a deeply compassionate space to heal what needs healing and fully claim your strengths and gifts.   – AK

The workshop brought about a major shift in my awareness. I am still unfolding insights, wisdom and practices. The tools, concepts, and experience will be with me for a very long time.  – Rex


Linda Fitch has delivered pure shimmering magic into my everyday day world. As my brilliant teacher, shaman, guide & coach, she has created and supercharged an experience of collaborative transformation that has manifested in radical positive expansion of my business, income, happiness and possibilities. – Teresa F.

I have been working with my dreams for more than 35 years, and the information and exercises in this class gave me new, effective and exciting methods of going even further with my dream work. A wonderful experience of  learning and inner exploration.  – Susan







The Dream class not only reinforced and gave me new skills for my Shamanic practice, but I was able to directly expand my business within days of the class all through the dream work guidance.  This class is a must for everyone. – Cynthia F







This course save me the gentle nudging to remember and the re-remember to take the time to be silent, turn inward and listen for that wee small voice that is there for me. It is ever present. All I need do is be still and listen.  The teacher, Linda Fitch and her honesty, integrity and knowledge of this subject. Linda is an amazing teacher and a wonderful caring person. We are all in this together. I am grateful to have Linda as my guide!   – Mike W.




I had taken Linda's dream workshop a few years ago in person and thought that it would be a great review. I was not disappointed. There was a LOT of new material and content in the online version.  I liked your step-by-step process that the students can follow to become a better dreamer, and I liked how you set up the course site so I can easily go back any time to review the information. . Dreaming is an important aspect of shamanic practices and everyone that following this energy healing should take this workshop.   – Kevin M.

Linda has truly and significantly pioneered and paved a beautiful path for optimal growth, optimal healing and an extraordinary opportunity for us to find our purpose and create a life we are happy to live ~ Thank you, thank you, thank you!  – Anonymous

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Full 7-Week Course with Linda Fitch + FREE BONUS CONTENT

Just $497

single payment

4 payments of $129

simple automated monthly payment plan

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  • How does the online course work?
    This is a LIVE 6-week online course, with new sessions conducted weekly over Zoom. If you are not able to attend live, all sessions (with the exception of Session 5) will be recorded and posted to the course website within 48 hours. You will have exclusive access via private link to the course website which will house all of our materials in the course including recordings, training videos, checklists, templates, PDFs, etc. You can access the website via any device with internet access.
  • Do I need any special equipment?
    The only equipment you’ll need is a computer (or tablet or smart phone) with an internet connection. To attend the live sessions, you will need to download and install the Zoom app. All of the calls and the materials will be accessed online via a private website.
  • What happens after I register?
    You’ll receive an immediate confirmation of your course registration. Prior to our first session, you will receive your personal log-in and password info to the course website and a link to the Zoom sessions.
  • Who can I contact for more information?
    For questions about the course, contact For technical and other support questions, contact
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