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Expeditions with Linda

I am so grateful to have had this experience with this group of people. We all held such beautiful space for each other and supported each other unconditionally.  That in itself is a precious gift.   – Candy


What a wonderful experience, how incredible to have shared so much with all of you in such a short time and for it all to go so deep. I can't wait to go back.  – Rowan


Thank you to Linda and Luz for running such a great trip. It was a real honor to have been surrounded by such amazing loving individuals on the path to self-growth. I will never forget our journey together.  – Rita


I am so grateful to have been in the jungle with you! Upon returning home I realized I am not the same person I was before the trip. My heart is overflowing with gratitude...Thank you for holding such beautiful space and for being the beautiful souls that you are.  – Carrie


I felt such a sense of support and love moving through our group and holding us all in sacred space as we each moved through our intense experiences of healing and transformation. Thank you! – Heather


Words cannot express my deep gratitude and love, for each of you, as we experienced our time in Peru and within sacred ceremony together.  As I have had more time to reflect, my thankfulness for all of you, for your kindness, love and care, have truly touched me, and I have felt so honored and blessed to have been a part of this incredible group.   –  Kristina


Linda's Classes and Workshops

Linda teaches in such a profound way that even those who have never done this type of work are able to leave understanding and having their lives enriched in an absolutely magical way. Working in Dream Time is one that everyone, regardless of their modality of study, will benefit from greatly. – Deborah


A deep bow to you of gratitude for the class Change Your Story. I have been watering the seeds of joy since last I saw you and deeply enjoying the beauty of mother earth. Thank you in supporting the intention to grow my hearts capacity for love, joy and engaging in community, a community that transform suffering and generates peace. The door to my heart is open again.  – Kathy 


I have been working with my dreams for more than 35 years, and the information and exercises in Linda's Dream Time class gave me new, effective, and exciting methods of going even further with my dream work. A wonderfully jam-packed weekend of  learning and inner exploration.  – Susan


After the Dream class I am now at peace.  Happy to be here and to be working. I am truly thankful to be alive and right where I am. – Carol


"I was feeling very stuck in my spiritual journey and needed to get out of my head and address my blockages.  The Change Your Story class was a welcome wake-up call.  I was completely unfamiliar with the traditions and found they really worked in terms of opening up a new layer of healing for me and potential for the future."  – Lynn M.R


The workshop caused a major shift in my awareness. I am still unfolding insights, wisdom and practices. The tools, concepts, and experience will be with me for a very long time.  – Rex


Change Your Story is a brilliant way to allow our souls to fully release patterns that were blocking our ability to fully expand and enjoy this life. The expansive growth process is extraordinary. The beauty of Change Your Story, Change Your Life is that at any time you can utilize the techniques in your personal and or professional life to navigate and shift your story again and again. It’s truly an extraordinary gift she is bringing to the world. Gabrielle


The time spent in the class returned me to an inner peace and joy I had long left behind. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  – Juanita B.


Linda Fitch's dream class was amazing and wonderful! I learned so much about the power of dreaming and lucid dreaming. The class brought the whole process into a much clearer process and actually made it very easy. It makes so much sense to me now. – Deb 


The “Change Your Story, Change Your Life” workshop was amazing –  truly a life changing experience that words cannot describe. I feel like I have accelerated in a positive way in all aspects of my life. – Kat


The Dream class not only reinforced and gave me new skills for my Shamanic practice, but I was able to directly expand my business within days of the class all through the dream work guidance.  This class is a must for everyone. – Cynthia F


Wanted to say how grateful I am for the container you make, the beautiful sweetness and impeccability you’ve always brought to the teachings. – Tory R

Working with Linda

The changes in my life are amazing. I feel so free and open now. I have experienced a lot of excellent healings from many different people, but I have never had a session with such a huge impact.  – Kathy S.


You are helping me open the door to possibilities and opportunities as I continue to heal. I am forever grateful. Thank you for your love and compassion.  – Elissa


I can't tell you how much this work has changed my life! – Carol


Thank you for how you’ve marked my being in such a profound way. For your commitment to shape us to walk with power, integrity and excellence. – Isabelle


I am regenerating on a whole new level! – Bev


Thank you a hundred times over for the remarkable session with you. I am stunned by the work we did together. Know that I am so excited by what lies ahead.  – Anne W.


I want to deeply thank you for the extremet ransformations in me you have facilitated. It is wonderful to become more and more my True self.  – Carol


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