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What if there was a skill that, once learned, could help you live a magical enchanted life – connected to the universe and a sense of greater purpose?


If you could struggle less, and life was not so hard? Where you could see gratitude and beauty all around?

What if you could get "unstuck"and clear unhealthy patterns and behaviors simply and easily?


What if that skill could help connect you to something much greater and larger than yourself?  


Would you want to learn that skill, and use it in your own life to make the changes you want?

Oh course you would!

For thousands of years, shamans have used the practice of journey to as way to come back into balance and right relationship, to receive wisdom and guidance, and to heal themselves and others.

And can you too!

Everyone can learn the shaman’s skill of journeying. It’s a powerful tool that you can use in your own life to come back into the flow, back into right relationship, whenever you need to, whenever you want.


The Shaman's Journey

6 Transformational Audio Journeys guided by Linda Fitch

+ 5 Special Bonus Tracks


Let Linda Fitch, a practicing shaman, teacher and coach, guide you on The Shaman’s Journey.

Through the power of journey you will learn to create a safe protected place, let go of limiting beliefs , come back to the essence of who you really are, connect and source from the earth, and step into being guided by a high version of yourself… that is wise, and full of joy… and connected to all of life.  


  1. Your Power Place –  Creating and Sourcing from Protection and Support

  2. Connecting with Your True Self – Experiencing the Oneness You Are

  3. Coming Back to You – Aligning Consciously with Magic

  4. The Grandmother Tree – A Journey of Guidance and Support

  5. Answering the Gaia’s Call – Claim Your Seat as a Caretaker of the Earth

  6. Creating a Destiny Pathway – Becoming the Highest Version of Yourself

  1. Experience the Rhythm of the Earth –  Drumming for Shamanic Journey

  2. Journey to the Lower World – Find Your Power Animal  

  3. Journey to the Upper World – Connecting with Your Spirit Guide  

  4. Coming Back into Balance  – The Shaman's Way

  5. Living an Abundance Mindset – Consciously Choosing Generosity, Beauty and Wonder 

 More than 3 hours of transformational guided journeys with the power to change your life!

High-quality audio format – Download and listen whenever you need to, wherever you are.




Linda Fitch is a world renowned teacher, coach and practicing shaman who has studied and worked with the medicine men and women of Peru for more than two decades. The former ​dean​ of the Four Winds Society​ Light Body School of Energy Medicine, she has trained thousands of students in journey and shamanic healing practices. Widely recognized for her groundbreaking workshops, trainings classes – both online and in person – ​she leads annual excursions to the high mountains and jungles of Peru. She also maintains an active personal healing practice, working with clients around the globe.


People are talking about the transformational power of journey and working with Linda 

"Journey work is my personal GPS. It provides the opportunity, to set my destination and allow the map of what I would like to create in my life guide me forward, in every way.“  – Gabrielle Freels

"Journeying with Linda has always been deeply rewarding. My experiences have been profound and have given me an incredible connection with mother earth and the vast universe that is within all of us. I have come to understand there is no separation… we are all “one" with everything!"  –  Annabella Annetta 

"The journeys I have done with Linda over the past 10 years are still with me today. I can vividly see and remember what I experienced and what was released and I find I can still access them to reinforce the work I've done."  – Alaina Reichwald

"Learning the art of the journey has been one of the most transformative experiences in my life.  It has taught me to expand my consciousness to include all possibilities, to realize that I am not bound by the gift of my conventional senses, and that there is as much going on in unseen worlds by unseen forces as there are in this one."  – Joseph Randazzo

"Journeying with Linda has had a profound impact. Her steady and powerful focused presence has guided me into a life even sweeter than my wildest imaginings and has aided me in serving others in conscious evolution." – Bridget Boland

"Learning to journey has helped me to trust my instincts in many areas of my life. It is a practical way to work on a daily basis, helping to guide me when making decisions so they are aligned with spirit." – Dr. Michelle Bradshaw

Track Information  

Notes from Linda about the individual journeys included in The Shaman's Journey

Your Power Place –  Creating and Sourcing from Protection and Support

This journey is one of my personal favorites. I learned it when working with Toby Christensen, who teaches with Malidoma Some from the Dagra tradition in West Africa.  In this short journey, you will learn to create a sacred, protected place where you ALWAYS have assistance; whenever you ask…. For anything.   ALWAYS 

Connecting with Your True Self – Experiencing the Oneness You Are


This journey is one of the basic shamanic experiences – where you consciously choose to let go of everything that is not your true self. Sometimes called a Dismemberment Journey, you are taken down to your essence, losing your body in order to become more available to the oneness you are. This is your opportunity to reunite with spirit. You are always remembered in the end,  but put back together in a new way. 


We want to experience intentional, conscious letting go of all that stops us from becoming one with…. One with our self, …One with spirit. This journey is helpful when things are stuck, there are things that need to be released, in times of grief, or poor health.  Let go of your identity and the thought of who you are. Come on journey to allow you to shift the frequency and the form.

Coming Back to You – Aligning Consciously with Magic


Some days it feels like it is so easy to spiral down. It can be difficult to just stay in a positive place, let along to create magic. Maybe you feel stuck by limiting beliefs passed down the generations...or simply overwhelmed with the day to day grind, or the current political, environmental, or social  climate, feeling the pressures to be better or do more.


If you’ve ever had a bad hour, a bad day… or a bad week or month…. or have felt any of the above, this journey is for you.


The Grandmother Tree – A Journey of Guidance and Support

Trees are the shamanic symbol of strength, connectedness and grounding. The cosmic tree was revered and worshipped by society in general and used by the shaman to journey between the realms, symbolically connecting the Upper World, representing the heavens; the Middle World of the Earth, and the Lower World, representing the regions below the earth realms.  It is the tree gate – a door to the other worlds. 


Come journey with the Ceiba pentandra… our Grandmother tree of the jungle… a tree that is critical for the shaman. By going on journey with her… to make her strong – she makes us strong – and makes shaman’s everywhere strong.

Answering the Gaia’s Call – Claim Your Seat as a Caretaker of the Earth

It is time for you to claim your seat as a caretaker of the earth and experience the Earth goddess – the earth mother – the Gaia….. the physical manifestation of the earth …the earth and heavens… mountains, rivers, lakes, ocean, trees, desert; she who animates all of life…


You have been called to be of service and in return she will hold and protect you. She will bring you guidance to help you hold your beauty.. your power.. no matter what is happening around you. As you claim your seat, she will give you life force energy and the wisdom/knowledge of how to affirm life, to hold your wildness – to allow you to be fully alive, to nurture and care take yourself so that you live with vibrancy. She will bring you the wisdom and guidance you ask for…trust… become her caretaker.

Creating a Destiny Pathway – Becoming the Highest Version of Yourself

If we hold the belief that we are all born with a destiny that may have been derailed, like a train switched to another less fulfilling path, then our goal is to come back to a higher version of ourselves; a version that gives us the greatest joy and fulfillment this lifetime. We want to source from and receive guidance from the self who is wise, deep, connected, happy, satisfied, in love with life, has abundance, grace and ease and a life of joy. The one where spirit and soul are connected.


Once you have stripped away the old stories and attended to the healing needed .. it is time to come into right relationship and consciously choose a higher best version of who you are becoming - a destiny to source from. As you step into and sense this possibility… your act of seeing itself allows you to participate in the co-creation of the world.



Coming Back into Balance  – The Shaman's Way


I get lots of requests for a simple, easy short journey to come back into balance. This journey is just 5 minutes long… But it can help you clear, co-create and come back into alignment with a combination of several different processes… I urge you to do it everyday . . .while you enjoy your morning coffee… before coming into the office…. over lunch… or before bed.  Do it again and again until your breath helps you hold your alignment day to day.

Living an Abundance Mindset – Consciously Choosing Generosity, Beauty and Wonder 


It is the mother earth that gives you vital abundant life force energy.  She is the provider… the one that allows you to be fully alive and prospering. She will teach you about the cycles of flow and ease.  It is through her you will be able to create an abundant life. 


It's also important to look at our limiting beliefs about money – so the roots of what you want to grow in your life can go deep and strong and hold your becoming.  And we do that with this journey.


Drumming for Shamanic Journey – Experience the Rhythm of the Earth 

Journey to the Lower World – Find Your Power Animal  

Journey to the Upper World – Connecting with Your Spirit Guide  


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