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  • Linda L. Fitch

As Within, So Without

She glanced behind her, unconsciously looking once again, but knowing it was not a literal breeze she felt behind her but an energetic one. Even that knowing didn’t stop her from looking, and feeling. It had to be a leak, an energetic opening where her vital life force was leaking out. She knew she had to stop it so she could move forward, and she had to move forward. That was non negotiable. Where she was on her journey she knew standing in place or not moving was not an option. She knew she was here this lifetime to create what she wanted for herself and for her family and even for the world.

The Change Your Story work gives you the answer for the way to create what you want. It is important to learn the skills to notice what your old story is and most importantly the specifics of how to choose to shift those leaks that keep draining your energy and stop you from creating what you want in your life.

What specifically are you creating in your life right now? Look around you, remembering the saying “As Within, So Without.” What is your life mirroring to you? Is it exactly the way you want it? What is working and what is not? What beliefs must you be holding for the good stuff to work and what beliefs for the not so good to keep showing up?

Your choice is to become the creator and to do that you have to look at what you are dreaming into being now. You want to keep the good beliefs, about abundance, joy, family, support and love. And dig deep for those not so good beliefs that feel like they limit your life and notice how they are creating your story. Then it is important to find their gifts. The gift is the key to your journey. You can’t move on to be the creator until you are in right relationship, “As within, so without”, with what you continue to create. Then you can be free.

With freedom you look at the possibilities, and stop putting your energy into the probabilities. You put your attention and focus on what you want and through your act of intention and seeing you bring your world into being. You have learned to dream with your eyes open. You are now the wisdom keeper for whom dreamtime is not stuffed into sleep. You realize you are one with the universe, and there is no separation. You become vision driven, choosing to become the creator. The biggest question is what do you want to create?

You take it all on and surrender to taking the quantum leap into your becoming. By choosing to Change Your Story through working hand in hand with spirit, you spread your own wings and fly. Dreaming the world into being not only for yourself but in deepest service for the collective. As the wise one, you are always holding the greatest vision of laughter, health, love, and peace for all the beings.

My prayer continues to be with deepest gratitude and thanks for helping me Change My Story Great Spirit!

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