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  • Linda L. Fitch

Staying Present for Your Life

Preparing for my talk for the Afterlife Conference has reminded me of the changes happening. In my talk, we will journey with death to find its wisdom and guidance so that we can be ready and clear for the quickening that is happening.

Right now, there is a consistent message of change - big shifts and big changes are headed our way. You may be experiencing this as our parallel lives bumping together and reminding us to stay present and grounded in the cosmic sun. The Universe is reminding us to find every place where we fall back into old patterns or habits. In my own personal journey, my long term pattern has been to be "over responsible" (trustee, healer, teacher, CEO, bread winner). My journey now is to shift that pattern so I can experience freedom.

Take this opportunity to look at your life for those places where you choose, either consciously or unconsciously, to not be present. For example, when things are rough, do you check out, or go to bed assuming things will be better the next day? Do you "tough through it"? Or do you turn on the television and zone out to relax? Maybe your pattern is finding a book or going on the computer, or getting buried in excess work... or any of the other means that gives us a legitimate excuse to not be present. This is the time to change the patterns.

The Dagara people of West Africa believe 2015 is a year of harvesting abundance and experiencing exponential growth - as long as our story is clear. Once again, this is the time to continue the clearing of the old story and clearing the old patterns that stop you from being present for your life.

Always remember you have lots and lots of assistance in the energetic world. More help than we have ever had is available at this moment. Whether you work with soul friends, ancestors, lineages, guides, power animals or angels, they are active and here for you. It may not be showing up the way you expect, but the assistance is there. Now more than anytime, call on help from these energetic assistants and turn over what you want. Then stand back and bring your gratitude.

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