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The Place of Magic That Calls Your Soul

The snow is still chest deep for our Labrador retriever Ranger, but my soul is already feeling the call to Peru.

Because so many of you have asked about the different expeditions this year, what is unique about each one, and what to expect, this post is dedicated to the place of magic that calls the soul: Peru.

With much love,




The Mirrored Jungle - Journey to the Amazon

April 3-8, 2016 With jungle shaman Don Guido

The first journey will be in April and it is back to the jungle. Last September was my very first trip to the jungle, even though I had taken the plant before in the Sacred Valley. It was a personal test to see if I could handle the bugs and heat. I absolutely fell in love with the plant medicine and was deeply impressed with the level of healing and clearing possible when done with a small group using high quality plant medicine and held in the deep place of the sacred. The work done by the trip participants has continued to unfold in so many magical ways. Plus the heat and bugs were not so bad at all!

I was asked to take another group this spring, April 3-8, 2016, and I am excited to go back. It will be a small intimate group; you'll be able to work extensively on what you want to heal and/or create, with lots of 1:1 time with the our Shaman Don Guido and myself. We'll again be staying at The Samiria Lodge on the banks of the Maranon River, one of the tributaries of the Amazon. The lodge was sweet and the staff more than accommodating and the food tasty and healthy.

Our shaman Don Guido was fabulous to work with. His brew is gentle and is cooked for 12 days before working with us. In the evenings, he begins by taking each person's pulse, checking their energy before determining the amount of the medicine each individual should take. And his icaros (medicine songs and mantras) are amazing! At the end of the evening he sang a specific icaro for each person in the group to help them deepen, integrate and take home their healing.

This journey is a special offer to touch healing places that never been possible.

June brings the next two journeys, and includes an expedition to the Holy Mountain Ausangate, the masculine mountain, and Lake Titicaca, the birthplace of the Inca. (The early registration deadline for these two trips is extended until March 12.)

The Holy Mountain of Ausangate with Don Francisco

May 30-June 11, 2016

The last trip I made to Ausangate was many years ago, when Don Manuel was still alive. He did rites with the group after a hike up to the rainbow lagoon. I remember this distinctly because I'd gotten separated from my water bottle on the way down and had a massive altitude headache. When he used his mesa to - what felt like, anyway - literally pound the rites into my head, I was in so much pain and agony it made a lasting impression. As I've told many students, I found out later the rites he did "aligned" my multiple destinies, and allowed me to walk this amazing shamanic path of service. I'm thinking now as I write this that maybe I needed that headache to get my "ego" thinking brain out of the way.

The masculine mountain of Ausangate has called me back each and every time I have sat at the feminine mountain of Salkantay, but this will be a VERY different kind of mountain trip. For this year ONLY we will be going to the villages. This is not a huge hiking trip as is normal for any mountain expedition, but a journey of giving back to the people who have held this lineage of wisdom for the west for so many years. This is a journey of service. If you have always wanted to go to the mountain but didn't feel prepared for the physical hiking, this is your year.

After a week in the Sacred Valley visiting the sacred sites of Machu Picchu, Pisac, Morray and Puma Marca, we will spend the night in Cusco to prepare for the altitude and then take our minivans to the home of the Q'eros for a realignment and redefinition of the masculine.

We will journey to Ch'allmachimpana, the home village of Don Francisco and Pablo, to do ceremony on their most sacred home sites with the masculine mountain. Then we will hike to the shaman's protector mountain of Huaman Llipa for the high mountain rites that allow us to realign and be protected for the journey ahead in a place of service.

We will sit side by side with the villagers to connect and do community service. This expedition is about receiving all the rites; including the creator rites on the masculine mountain, honoring your skills and lineage and making a difference in the Q'eros life to achieve something positive for others.

This is a journey about reweaving, redefining and realigning your life. This is the place to source from the stars for yourself and to ripple that light into the world. It will include five days (four nights camping) on the mountain. Minimal hiking required and group size is limited.

Journey to the Source: Lake Titicaca with Jorge Luis Delgado

June 11-June18, 2016

Immediately following the expedition to Mount Ausangate, we will journey to the sacred Lake Titicaca; this is a Journey to the Source since the lake is the legendary birthplace of the Inca. The journey is June 11 - June 18, and I'm deeply honored to be joined Jorge Luis Delgado, a well known shaman for whom the lake is his place of medicine.

We will do ceremony in the pre-Inca sacred sites of Sillustani and Inka Tunuhauire where the "veils" between worlds are paper thin and you can connect with the wisdom many different realms. We will walk the Ceremonial Path that takes you along the back of a massive earthen Snake and Puma to arrive at the place of the Condor where you will send your souls messages to the stars and spirit.

We will travel in reed boats to see the Uros and Taquile Island. We go by bus to Bolivia to spend a full day each on the Island of the Sun and Island of the Moon where we will journey to the ancient gateway of Aramu Muru's doorway to open the door to connect with your higher purpose and destiny.

The Islands are stunningly beautiful and we will hike to the ancient center of power on the Island of the Sun and walk to the rock of the origins, honoring the Divine Masculine. Then we will visit the mysterious temple of the Chosen Virgins to be enveloped in a healing aura and connect with the feminine spirit of the magical Island of the Moon

Our work this week will be to awaken a new dream connected to the spiral of abundance and prosperity for ourselves and for the world. The journey includes an overnight in local establishments on the Island of the Sun and Taquile Island. It has been many years since I've been to the Lake and I'm looking forward to having Jorge Delgado with us.

San Pedro and the Sacred sites of Northern Peru

w/Donna Julia Calderon

September 6-12, 2016

In the last journey for the year is to the sacred sites of Northern Peru with Donna Julia September 6-12. I had the opportunity to work with Donna Julia Calderon last summer and was deeply touched by her dedication to each participants healing.

Donna Julia is the daughter of famous Peruvian shaman Eduardo Calderon and her specialty is working with San Pedro. After having her join us on the Nazca lines last year we agreed she would be perfect to explore the sacred sites and healing of Northern Peru, which is know for it's "seers" and healers.

In the beautiful, unspoiled region of northern Peru, we will explore ancient archeological sites, natural hot springs and small mountain towns. We will visit the Moche Pyramids and the Chan Chan ruins of an ancient Chimor mud city, as well as Cumbe Mayo, with its king and queen natural rock formations, a pre-Columbian aqueduct, and a pre-Incan necropolis.

At night with Donna Julia Calderon will be clearing, blessing and being headed with the sacred plant medicine that has been used for at least 3,000 years in the Andes of Peru. I'm hoping we will have the opportunity to learn the healing work of clearing sorcery and working with guinea pigs. I'm excited for a week of learning new skills and opening and connecting with the heart for everyone.

Please know I would love to answer any questions about any of the trips. And from my heart extend a personal invitation to have you come join me in the place of magic that calls the soul: Peru.

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