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Hoodlums on the Loose

Recently, I've had a number of clients, both new and monthly, experiencing what one of my teachers once dubbed "hoodlums." Think of them as bad guys, just kind of hanging around.

This has been happening frequently enough that it felt important for me to address the topic with a broader group through my newsletter - and more importantly, to talk about what you can do if you find yourself with similar symptoms. Even clients who are experienced, amazing healers are finding themselves getting "slimed" or attacked by these darker, clinging energies.

One of the key symptoms seems to manifest as a continual drain in energy, sometimes showing up as fatigue or constant, persistent tiredness. You may also have a sense of carrying around extra weight or extra energy. Often when this happens, your own issues are also up, so it's easy to think it is all about your own "stuff," rather than recognizing that you may have just been "slimed" and it's not your stuff at all.

These "hoodlums" aren't you, but they piggy back on your emotions. Maybe you have some sadness, fear or anger that you're working through, or that has been triggered through everyday life. Think of these hoodlums as thought forms or energies that have the same frequency as your sadness, anger or fear. They recognize it and jump right on.

Two things that make this experience particularly intense. The first is they are hard to differentiate from your own stuff; the second is they are heavy, thick and almost gelatinous. They can cling to you like they are attached with duck tape. Think almost tar-like.

Once you know their signature, they are easier to spot. And if you are too close to what is happening or what is up in your life, it's a good idea to find an outside person for a session.

Why are they so active right now? Partly because of the bigger shifts happening in the universe ­­- energetic shifts occurring way out past the cosmic sun - as well as broad societal and political shifts across our planet. Things are up for sure and those hoodlums are looking for expression.

So, how to get yourself un-slimed? The first step is to recognize what is happening to you, your clients or family members. The first step is always awareness.

The second step is to recognize what part of the emotions are yours and your connection to them. Honor that part of you that feels the emotion, and whatever your personal work includes.

Third step is to un-stick the hoodlums. They are draining your energy or creating death in your life; as such they respond well to the death rites and clearing of all the chakras. Again, if you can't get it to shift, contact your practitioner for a session.

I learned a beautiful dismemberment and dissolving journey from shaman Wendy Rootstock in our recent Change Your Story class. It is stunning, and intentional dismemberment is the way to go when you are feeling stuck, caught in grief or illness or too many hooligans.

I'm happy to send you an audio version of this powerful dismemberment exercise . Just contact me if you're interested. Or, If you'd rather book a personal session, check the details here and then get in touch..

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