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A Sacred Journey of Spirit and Service

Spring is slowly beginning to roll across the Rocky Mountain west, and finds us in the final stages of planning for our upcoming 2016 Peru mountain expedition. As the dates draw ever nearer, I am called to share this final invitation to join us on our journey to the Holy Mountain of Ausangate, (May 30-June 10).

If you have been thinking about coming but haven't booked yet, or were going to wait until next year, we'd love to encourage you to step in this year to honor the lineage. There are only a few places remaining, and airline tickets to Peru are surprisingly affordable right now, despite the fast approaching date.

If you have ever thought you were not prepared for the physical hiking, or feared you many not be "in shape" enough for the journey, this is the year to step in. This year's journey is about service, of working with the villagers, and does not require any extensive hiking.

Our journey begins in the Sacred Valley, where we visit the ruins of Pisac, Puma Marca, Moray, Moras and Machu Picchu. Our hotel is at the headwaters of the Amazon, beneath 20,000 foot high snow-capped glaciers. We'll hike, walk and meditate among ancient ruins as we acclimate to the altitude.

From Cusco, we board our all-terrain buses to the bases of the holy mountains. Ausangate is known as the "mountain shrouded in storm." There we will have a chance to work with the villagers at the home of Don Francisco and take a day journey to the Holy Mountain of Huaman Lipa, the shamans' protector mountain. The trip includes camping for four nights.

We'll do day hikes and work with the villagers by day and take part in ceremonial despachos and begin the transmission of the rites of passage, the high Karpays.

Our pilgrimage will take us through spectacular vistas of snow-covered mountains to sacred sites, where we bring our offerings and received gifts of power from the mountains. These journeys are an invitation to step into a vision much larger than our individual lives. We become part of a community of medicine people who are actively engaged in the creation of the world.

If you wish to join our journey, please let us know right away. Due to the logistics involved, group size for this expedition is very limited, and we must begin making these arrangements now. There is still space available!

Please contact Luz or I via email right away to secure a space. You can also give me a call directly if you have any questions. I'd love to talk personally with anyone interested in participating in this program.

From my heart I extend a personal invitation to have you join us in the place of magic that calls the soul: Peru. I hope you will.



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