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  • Linda L. Fitch

It's Time to Chat with Our Children's Children's Children

In 1969, the seminal British rock band The Moody Blues released their fifth album, To Our Children's Children's Children, which included the song “Eyes of Child.”

The lyrics in the last verse of that classic track go something like this:

And through life you will be,

A small part of a hope, of a love

That exists in the eyes of a child you will see.

In the cataclysmic and changing times of 1969, The Moody Blues were singing in a new hope for the world. Today, you too can bring forth that same new hope! Even science says you can.

Einstein proved that time exists, but the reference point is shifting.The laws of physics themselves treat what we call forward and backwards in time on exactly the same footing. The underlying laws of physics are time-reversal symmetric; that means that there is no way to distinguish between what we call the past and what we call the future. (Brian Green from The Fabric of the Cosmos)

What makes this so exciting is that it is possible to bring in the wisdom from the future, to bring in a new hope and love as Moody Blues says. It is through the eyes of the future children – our children’s children’s children – that we can see the wisdom we need right now in this crazy acting world.

Those children’s children have already solved the problems and brought in the resources we need. We want to tap into and bring in THAT wisdom NOW, THAT love and THAT hope. And when we do, the laws of physics allow their hope, love and wisdom to ripple backwards and forwards.

Shamans have done this stepping out of time for thousands of years, through journey. And through journey you can bring in guides or helpers that can communicate with the kids and allow them to open up and share the love and hope with you.

A Journey To Meet Your Children's Children's Children

1. First ground yourself; perhaps by sitting outside or in a place that holds delicious childlike energy.

2. Call on a magical power animal from the upper world. This world is inhabited by ancient beings like Buddha or Kwan Yin, as well as by the magical beings that kids relate to, like Pegasus, unicorns, elves, fairies, angels or butterflies.

Ask for and connect with a magical being who is willing to take you on journey. They will be your guide and can connect directly with the children’s children’s children. (Sometimes kids don’t want to “talk” to an adult).

3. Journey up to the upper world with this magical creature, maybe even on their back. They know which way to go, just trust and go UP. Have them lead you to the world that holds our future children’s children’s children. They do not personally have to be your children’s children (you can do this journey even if you don't have children of your own), but they are the global citizens of our future world, and some of the decisions we make now may impact if they may be born or not.

4. Explore with your power animal as a guide.

Use the following questions as launching places:

  • Is there someone/thing that meets and guides you?

  • Where are you taken?

  • What are you shown?

  • What wisdom is important that we as a world know now?

  • What is the message that you need to know personally in your life?

  • What is the global message or wisdom we need to know now?

  • Is there an image that comes or they want to share?

  • Anything else from them that is for you or for another person in your life?

5. Blow their wisdom into an object and give it to yourself as a gift. What is the gift?

6. Reach into your pocket, or magic purse, and you find there is a gift you have for them, too, that they need. Blow your wisdom and gratitude into this gift and give it to them.

7. Offer your deepest gratitude, your hugs and goodbyes to each and every thing you encountered. Allow your magical power animal to bring you down, back into your body so you are fully back in the place you chose to journey from.

8. Share – embody – follow the wisdom you were given. I invite you to share and post any global wisdom and messages you’ve received. You can do that right here on this page of on my blog, or come back to Facebook page post (here's the link) and share there.

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