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  • Linda L. Fitch

The Three Myths of Our Human Story

In the my next few blog posts, I'll be exploring what I see as the three myths of the human story. These myths create the story we tell ourselves or they can be the collective story that culture tells us.

The first myth is there is not enough time.

It feels like the speed of our world is accelerating….with an ongoing more, more, more paradigm and the chronic stress of never being able to get it “all” done. Even shamanic work is evolving rapidly.

There is truth to the physicists view of this arrow of time that is based on the Second Law of Thermodynamics (entropy). This creates the Hollywood view of time that the apocalypse is only around the next corner.

Yes, you need to be imminently successful in managing on the arrow of time; because you want to get the kids off to school on time….but you want this kind of time to occupy only a very small portion of your vital life force or energy.

There is a different kind of time you want to source from….. SACRED TIME.

This time is more like a flows…. and life is full of synchronicities or meaningful coincidences. Or time even seems to stand still and you source from a deep stillness.

There are skills to working with time; the first is to realize the not enough time is a myth. Then take a walk in nature or sit by a stream or go on journey where you can experience a different kind of time.

It is important to really understanding how to work with the practices of sacred time. In my upcoming online Advanced and Introductory courses on Your Extraordinary Story, we will be diving deeper into this myth of time.

I invite you to join me to step off the arrow of time and into timelessness where creating a magical story is possible.

For more information on these courses, visit Your Extraordinary Story.


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