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To Stepping In...

It's been quite a journey.

I’ve been putting my time and energy into bringing my Your Extraordinary Story courses to the world since last February. Live sessions begin this week, and it is a truly a dream come true for me.

But it has not been a simple process to look deeply and explore my intentions for what I want to bring to the world through online courses.It would definitely have been much easier to not step in, or not answer the call of taking Shamanic Energy Medicine to a broader audience. My learning curve has been steep; many times after a session with my coach, I'd find myself questioning what I really have to bring to the world. Doubts that many of you tell me you experience too.

But then…… the universe always seemed to send me an answer to my question or remind me of why it is so important to step in.I’d get an email or text… often during the call itself…. from a client or student that would remind me how shamanic practices had changed their life, and confirming that these skills truly are transformational and can make a difference now in the world.

This one came at one of those needed moments from a new student of mine who had previously attended shamanic trainings with other teachers:

You are making a difference in our world and I LOVE that!

The work you do is beautiful and it’s not just the work, it’s how you deliver it to people that is truly changing lives. I’ve been begging for more tools to try to create better balance and you have made my path easier.

Your workshop was, by far, my favorite of all those I’ve attended to this day.

– Stacey Hilton

Or the message that came in while I was on another call, about a blog that I had written:

“As always I was deeply moved by your last message.

I am very excited to start your online courses – just tell me how to sign up. Thank you for walking your path and lighting the way.”

– Carol McLogan

So, thank you Carol….and Stacey….and all those others who taken the time this year and in all the past years to send a notes of appreciation. You are some of the voices of spirit calling me to take shamanic energy medicine out in the world.

I am honored to invite you each to also “step in”…. to creating Your Extraordinary Story… for yourself and for the world.

The six-week live Introductory course starts on Tuesday; the Advanced course begins on Wednesday night for eight weeks. There is still time to register for one or both. I invite you on a sacred journey to create a magical story for yourself, your family and the world.

Here's to stepping in!


PS: Although the classes meet live for weekly sessions (6 weeks for the Introductory course, and 8 weeks for the Advanced) starting this week, you can always experience the Your Extraordinary Story courses on your own time and on your own schedule.

Every class session will be recorded, with all replays & all worksheets provided! You can join us via phone, computer or mobile device from anywhere in the world. So don't let concerns about time or distance be a factor. Register now.

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