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The Shaman's Journey: Exploring the Upper World

Shamanic journeying is one of the most powerful tools for healing and growth. I’m been having so much fun this week exploring it with you. And judging from the responses and comments I’ve been getting, so have you! Again, everyone can learn the shaman’s skill of journeying; it is an active practice to consciously travel into spiritual worlds as explorers and creators. In yesterday’s blog, we explored the cosmology of the shaman and the “maps” of the realms you may experience while journeying. We talked about the cosmology of the Three Worlds – Upper World, Middle World, and Lower World – and even journeyed to the Lower World to find a power animal. [If you haven’t downloaded the Power Animal Journey yet, access it here.] Today, we’re going to go on journey to the Upper World. The Upper World is where we turn for wisdom and guidance that has a higher vibrational essence. But there's no hierarchy between the realms. The Upper World is not "better" than the Lower World or Middle World. It's just different. Journeying to the Upper World can reveal the depth of our true essential nature, allowing us to enter into the flowering of our purpose. Here we receive guidance that can bring us into harmony with all that is, allowing us to step beyond the personal, and into service to humanity and the world. In this classic shamanic journey, you will have the chance to meet and begin a relationship with a spirit guide from the Upper World. Remember, this is the realm populated by angels, guardians, enlightened beings, mystics and magicians, mythic power animals, wisdom teachers, ancestors and ancient ones. [GET THE UPPER WORLD JOURNEY NOW] This will be a 15-minute guided journey – versus drumming only. My voice is only to assist, so feel free to follow your own guidance. I’ll walk you through the journey first, so you have a chance to check out the landscape – like a runner walking the course before a race. Then you can go at your own pace; you’ll already be familiar with the territory. The drum will call you back at the end with some shorter beats and a pause. As we journey, notice everything you see, hear, feel. All of these are part of the journey. Use your mind’s eye and senses. Even if you don’t see, hear or sense anything immediately, that doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong. If you’re feeling stuck, ask yourself, what if I did see something? What would it be? What would I hear? Taste? Feel? Remember, journey is a co- creative process. You’re not “making it up” and it’s not “just your imagination.” What happens during the spirit-journey is real in that dimension. It actually becomes more real than what we call “reality.” This is where miracles happen… healing, clearing, creation, guidance. As comfortable as it is as to have someone guide you on journey – and as much as I enjoy being that guide – over time you’ll want to learn to journey on your own. As you continue to practice, the steps fall away and journey becomes a direct communication with Spirit, your guides or your power animal. When you’re first beginning to journey – just like learning any new skill – it’s important to practice correctly. Go down the root to the Lower World… up the ladder to the Upper World. Learn to work with and strengthen your multiple senses. If you get mostly visual images (i.e., seeing), then start with what you see. Then deepen and expand to “what if I heard, or tasted or felt” that thing you are seeing. Develop your full sensory awareness… step in and make it rich.. become the eagle and fly – feel the wind, see through their eyes, become the flower and ask for guidance… merge… explore… use your allies. You can use different journeys for different purposes: to explore beyond your death, to explore and heal past lives; to bring back soul parts so you can be whole; to offer clearing and protection; to connect with guides, guardians and/or power animals; or for creating and empowering your destiny. When working with clients, I often use journey to explore their stuck place – and call on allies to help me find what healing needs to happen and how to do that. But, no matter what, I ALWAYS go with an intention – even if that intent is just to explore. So, are you ready to go? Before you start the Upper World journey, I want to share one more thing. Over 20 years of teaching shamanism and leading journeys around the globe, I’ve had students ask me over and over again if my guided journeys are available for download, so they can revisit and experience them whenever they need to, or share them with family, friends or clients. Well, the answer is finally YES! In addition to the three free journeys I’ve shared this week, I’m offering a brand new collection of guided journeys that will be available for a limited time beginning tomorrow. This new set of six full-length guided audio meditations is called The Shaman’s Journey, and I’m so excited to bring it out into the world. Each of the included journeys is about your life flowing in right relationship, and each is a place of service for helping the world as well. I’ve also added a couple of extra journey bonuses based on your feedback and requests. So, be on the lookout for the launch announcement in email tomorrow. The Shaman’s Journey goes on sale for a limited time only on December 15, at a special discounted price, and you won’t want to miss it. Now…off on journey you go! [Click to access your free 15-minute guided Upper World journey]

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