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  • Linda L. Fitch

Solstice Musings

With 2018 drawing to a close, many of my clients have already begun turning their focus to the new year. For some, in fact, it seems 2019 can’t get here quickly enough. Not so fast. Just as with the Winter Solstice – where we celebrate the return of the light on the shortest day of the year and welcome the longer days ahead – it is so important to first take a look back, with full intention, before moving forward. You might recall that 2018 was a “Master” year in numerology, meaning it was a year of potential for growth and learning, and also for major transformation. It was a year where your strengths would be bolstered and your challenges heightened. Some of the core themes I’ve heard expressed about 2018 include words like: hard, kicked my butt, frustrating, challenging, toughest year of my life. Sound familiar? We each were given opportunities to dig deep into who we really are ….. a year of visionary ideas, cleansing outdated beliefs and systems and taking a deep look at how we love and want to be loved. I experienced my own major “being swallowed by a whale” too. That’s why, before you move with excitement to 2019, it’s critical to look back and celebrate. In 2018, what was your learning? What were your challenges where you got to know yourself better? What strengths did you experience? What outdated beliefs did you have to let go of, change or upgrade? Did you experience more loving, or learned how you wanted to be loved? It is important to celebrate and be complete with the last year. You can do this by finding small objects (corn…shell…sage…flower petals) for each place of learning and do ceremony and celebration. Blow the energy of each of those moments of transformation into a different object and light a candle. Take a minute or more to step into gratitude for the gifts your received over the year. For me, my “belly of the whale” allowed my husband and I to come together on our visioning of where we want to go together. That never would have happened if I didn’t go through that horrible, hard, difficult being swallowed. It was the most wonderful gift for me. So, gratitude, gratitude, gratitude with your prayers into the objects for the items of 2018… bringing celebration… and then with the Full Moon… this time of darkness and new light… give the items to the earth and/or release to Spirit through a fire ceremony – or to running water….creek or river or ocean….or whatever way calls you. Sending love, light and gratitude to you all. Linda

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