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  • Linda L. Fitch


Dang, dang, dang…. I had to take the dog into the vet and my streak of awesome productive days seemed came to a grinding halt. I couldn’t help but wonder, “What the heck did I do?” Like many of you, it's easy for me to go to self-blame: “It must be something I’ve done”… or “What is wrong with me?” In my 20+ years of doing shamanic client work, I’ve seen how often – and how quickly – we can all go to self blame. Regardless of how much personal work we've done, or how energetically open and aware we are. We’re all on this human journey, working to create an extraordinary life. Even as we clear away the layers, we still carry with us some old limiting beliefs. And the trigger is separate from the clearing. When triggered, you start going in circles, stuck back in an old pattern or belief, thinking there is something wrong with you, that you’re not deserving or worthy. Instead of clearing the trigger… you are stuck in the old… again. As a person who is open and awake, you know your thoughts hold power and create your world. When you go to blame of self, you turn your power into what I call self-sorcery. You become your own worst enemy. And when you are sensitive to what is happening globally, culturally and energetically…. you get triggered even quicker. So, what can you do when you get stuck, and feel yourself spiraling down into self-blame or negative thoughts? Try these 5 simple steps to bring yourself back into balance: 1. Stop – look and listen. The first step is to pause. Rather than beating yourself up – or someone else – just stop. Step back. The blame is a signal that something is “off” in your world. Say thank you for the negative thought… and pause. You also need to always be aware when your addictions are activated. Which means you first must know your own personal addictions… whether that is eating, exercising, sugar, alcohol, shopping or binge watching Netflix. When your addictions are activated, it's another signal that something is “off.” So again, stay out of blame and pause. 2. Breathe. The second step is to breathe when you pause. The brain requires oxygen to think, find words, come into peace and track as a shaman. Take a drive, go for a walk, step away, call on your power ally and learn how to belly breathe so that your diaphragm extends out to the sides of the body instead of up or forward. 3. Go to a new perspective. Take a look from the 30,000-foot view. Step out of yourself – and go up with a new set of eyes. The perspective from eagle or your animal of choice allows you to track, to notice and ultimately to find not just the old pattern or addiction, but also the trigger. 4. Clear the Trigger. The next step from the eagle view is to see/ sense/hear/feel how to clear the trigger. Maybe it was someone you engaged with, or a thought you followed in your head, or something you put in your body, or something you watched, or something that needs honoring. Clear the trigger – disengage and get help if you need it. 5. Come back into balance. The final step is to continue on your journey with gratitude. Remember, gratitude instantly changes your vibration and frequency. Give thanks to your body for the awesome signals that something was “off” … thanks to eagle or whomever helped you fly…and thanks for all the assistance and guides. As you move forward, ground into the earth and the heavens, stepping in fully. Continue clearing those old limiting beliefs that stop you from being in love with your life.

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