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  • Linda L. Fitch

Finding Your Wings So You Can Fly

As I look back and reflect over the past 40 years, I’m struck by how much time and energy I’ve invested in getting assistance from others for my personal growth – in coaching.

I think I first fell in love with the power of coaching back when I was just 17 years old, studying the Silva Mind System. An exercise to create and connect with a personal guide would change me forever. They called it a counselor; in shamanism we would call it an ally. In coaching, it's the one who is always at least one step ahead of where you are.

My passion for coaching and being mentored was further cemented in college, when a course requirement was working with a formal mentor. I was hooked!

One of my core values is learning; another is self-growth. And getting help through coaching for both of these has always been key for me.

I’ve had spiritual coaches – and give so much gratitude to each one. I’ve had amazing physical body coaches: doctors, massage therapists, books, classes – and again, so much gratitude for what I’ve learned.

I’ve had so many professional mentors… again books, classes and formal training. Even now, I’m working with some amazing business coaches in support of the expansion of my online offerings. And I continue to be in awe of the amazing healers I work with regularly, both at home and in Peru. People like Don Guido, Dona Julia, Don Pablo and Wilma.

When you face major decisions about life changes, it helps to have unbiased guidance. While friends and family can listen to you and offer advice, a coach can help you determine what really matters to you, and help as you consider your options. A coach will help you move forward and provide guidance on how to do that.

We all get too close to the story…or miss opportunities by not taking action…or have limiting beliefs created around our battle scars of life, internal obstacles that hold us back.

We can all use help (including me!) in processing old beliefs, releasing self-destructive habits, ideas or patterns…clarifying goals…remembering all the resources we have and stepping out of the comfort zone.

It is in change and transition where the juice of life is – the fuel that propels you forward.

Nearly every successful or high achieving person will tell you that coaching is absolutely essential to success….and that the return on your investment is priceless for your mental, physical and spiritual health.

Not only can a coach help you live in alignment with your purpose, but they see a better version of yourself than you do and put their power of seeing into that.

Energetically they believe in your dream. They help you find your wings so you can fly!

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