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  • Linda L. Fitch

Love Your Ripples

I just finished a review of my recent online course, Mastering the Art of Letting Go, and after a few tweaks, I’ll be re-launching it again in 2020… with a new title that better reflects the quality of the amazing shifts and changes that students experienced.

Maybe “I Woke Up Laughing” would be a better title… And stay tuned for my next online online course – The Shaman’s Power of Dreaming – coming in Spring 2020.

With Letting Go, as in ALL online courses, there was a common theme among participants of “I’m behind…I haven’t gotten through the sessions yet…I don't have the time...”

All forms of what I call self-sorcery.

I love online courses because you can complete the work when it works for you. Personally, I have three classes waiting to be completed this winter…and even I have to remind myself to not do the self-sorcery thing…to let any judgement go.

I also just came back from an amazing week in Northern Peru with Dona Julia. I’m awestruck again with her use of her tools and her deep dedication to each person’s healing. The medicine showed me how quickly I can create “ripples” … how I get in my own way (aka self-sorcery), and also how to come back to that place of connection, to love and even laugh about those ripples. To stay out of self-sorcery, let the need to create ripples go.

Even astrologically, through the movement of the stars, every person on the planet is being challenged to let go of the things that no longer serve you – those things that stop you from stepping into your purpose.

On January 12, 2020, Pluto, which represents power and life/death, will conjunct Saturn, which represents the practical laws/structure, These two powerful energies will meld or merge in January, but the time to take action is NOW.

Right now you can use the power and movement of these planets , plus the energy of Uranus, which is helping to turn things on its head, to create what you want…abundance, ease and joy.

Realize that letting go…death…. is the backdrop, held by the stars. It is time to let go of the self-sorcery… recognize and let go of how you stand in your own way…or at least laugh about the ripples.

Again, your timing is perfect – the stars are assisting. Finish 2019 strong. Even the holidays are the perfect time to practice loving yourself and loving your ripples. Practice good self-care…no or little sugar, walk more, and whatever else you do to love yourself!

Make this your gift, to let go of the self-sorcery and laugh.

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