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  • Linda L. Fitch

Savoring a Life of Gratitude

Be it tart or sweet, always savor the moment.

You'll not taste one just like it again.

– Erica Alex

Today I'm sharing two more simple gratitude practices that you can use right away, to create a state of appreciation and a life you love.

Savor the Moment

As you walk...pause or stop. Notice – really notice – and fully take in the beauty and wonder that surrounds you.

The sound of a bird, the color in a cloud, the sound of running water, the sparkle of a frozen landscape in the early morning light.

Savor the feelings of love for being alive at this moment on the planet. Consciously step back fully into the now, in deep appreciation of the world.

Savor your life…using the same practice really notice and take in the beauty and wonder you are always surrounded by…in the office, in your children, in your significant other, always.

Live in gratitude for being alive - being here this moment, in this body, on this earth, to share your passion and wisdom in deepest appreciation to spirit or source.

Create an Environment of Gratitude

Wherever you are, whatever you do, surround yourself – and others – in gratitude. Bring the mantra thank you, thank you, thank you into every moment of your day… showering yourself with gracias… showering others…showering the world.

Teach and model gratitude and appreciation to your children…your partner, your spouse, those you work with.Create a grateful workplace…getting the support from those needed, providing opportunities for gratitude and making sure everyone is thanked, again and again.

Offer your gratitude for a service you receive – to your server at a restaurant, the barista at the coffee stand, the receptionist at your doctor's office, the checker at the grocery story – before the service, not after.

By incorporating these simple practices each day, you can begin to transform your life, moment by moment, thank you by thank you.

I'll share one last step tomorrow, as well as a special "Thank You" gift just for you.

Until then, keep transforming your life – and the world – by Saying… Praying... Living… Being… thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU….

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