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  • Linda L. Fitch

My life was transformed in one prayer

This one is hard to share.

I think I'm a lot like you...wanting to make a difference, live my passion, and find and share tools that work, so that others can find their wings and fly.

Maybe I’ve always been so passionate about finding and sharing those skills and practices because I needed them too, as I worked with old generational patterns of feeling “less than,” and family and work traumas of being told I couldn’t fly the way I wanted.

The first time I worked with shaman Don Guido in the jungle, I saw right away the healing power of the plant medicine Ayahuasca. And I realized it was not just anyone, but Don Guido, who helped create the transformation I’d personally felt and watched others experience again and again.

Through Don Guido’s guidance, I’ve witnessed Ayahuasca clear addictive thoughts and beliefs… and release a lifetime of trauma in one night. When I look back in my journals, everything I’ve ever worked on has shifted – some not in the way I expected, but…. It has all shifted. I experienced how my mind and thoughts stopped me, and came to know the power of surrendering to the plant medicine.

Then the arcana icaro was sung by Don Guido. And the world changed.

My life was transformed in one prayer…one of those moments when I knew in my soul and heart that everything had changed. It was a classical instantaneous rebirth.

Looking back, I had no idea how much of my vital life force energy I was using to look over my shoulder… being reactive.

Then, Don Guido changed everything.

He sang one song, one prayer, one icaro of protection and I could feel the energy of passion, of creation and creativity absolutely available to manifest my life.

Manifesting what I want – not through the focus or lens of a family pattern, or through old trauma – but with my eyes wide open… awake to create consciously what I wanted. Protected with grace and love.

And it is palpable, to others.

My husband and I were together last weekend for my mentor's retreat for couples (you gotta come next year is all I can say), and my husband said “Linda, you are now a joy to visit with each day – something has shifted… oh… about 2 weeks ago”.

I had no idea how much that looking over my shoulder was affecting my relationship.

One song, one prayer, one icaro…has changed my relationship to the person I love. It has allowed me to be a better friend, talk about the harder subjects that are part of a 33-year marriage… and be committed to an even deeper friendship and intimacy with him…and to everyone in my life.

One song, one prayer, one icaro and I now had all my energy to be clear on my passion and purpose and in alignment with my values.

One song, one prayer, one icaro … which I have on my phone to listen to and connect with and be rebirthed anytime I need.

This is the gift of Don Guido; the gifts of the medicine plant called El Doctor. It knows what you need (which may be deep physical body healing). Over the years I have come to realize the power of surrendering to what you need, not what you want.

All it takes is you being willing to step in…step into the healing…really available to the transformation possible… in one prayer, one song, one icaro.

There are only 4 spots left for this year’s trip to the jungle with me. I keep the size of the group small so that you have a personal experience with Don Guido, his plant medicine and his heart full of love.

I’m looking for those who are also passionate about flying… soaring wing tip to wing tip with spirit. I’d love to have you be one of those.

I invite you to step in and claim your place now.

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