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  • Linda L. Fitch

Of fear, resilience and service

Yesterday I did sessions from early in the morning until late in the evening, with only a short break for lunch. It’s the way I love to schedule my session days.

They were normal women doing their inner healing work. Clearing family patterns, working with generational curses, dealing with aging and dying parents, embracing big moves, dancing with new relationships, stepping off the triangle of disempowerment, stepping in to abundance and back into integrity and vitality.

It was an amazing day.

And then I connected back into the media. The world was suddenly a very different place than it had been just 24 hours before.

Things are changing rapidly, our “normal” lives are being upended in unfamiliar ways, and there is so much that we just don’t know yet.

And globally the default is fear.

Now, know that I honor and acknowledge any concerns you have for yourself and your family. Concerns are real, they’re justified, and they're okay. Smart even.

But fear is a different story. And it is so easy in times like these to step into deep fear.

So, what can you do about it?

How do you stay positive and grounded in the midst of all the negativity?

First, acknowledge. Recognize that fear is our human (and cultural) default. Change and uncertainty scare the crap out of us.

It’s where our brains naturally go as a way to keep us safe.

And right now, it’s happening to millions of us all at the same time, which means you are going to feel the collective fear.

So, acknowledge it. But recognize that it doesn’t have to source you and who you really are.

Then, choose love.

Breathe, laugh and love so you have oxygen to the brain to make healthy decisions.

Do whatever practices open your heart, that you connect to yourself and others through love.

Meditate, walk on the beach or in the woods. Sing, dance, do yoga, cook, play. Read a book. Write poetry. Whatever fills you up.

Do your inner work – with even more attention, intention and vigilance. The inner work and attending to your body, mind, soul and spirit is what enables you to be vital and strong and resilient.

In the days ahead, as we pull back from some of the usual activities that normally fill our busy lives, you’ll find the unexpected gift of time.

Embrace it.

Commit to doing something for yourself that you normally wouldn’t “have time for.”

Mark out the time for the free SheHEALS Online Summit on your calendar!

The Summit has been planned for a long time. Way before any of this even hit our conscious awareness. But somehow, it’s coming at just the right time.

We need it more than ever.

Each of the amazing Summit presenters – more than 25 women in all, from all different trainings and backgrounds – stepped up to offer practical skills, practices and wisdom for embracing your inner strength and resilience. For finding your calm amidst chaos and lowering your stress. For taking care of YOU.

All for free.

And it is so, so synchronistic. The Summit is free, it’s online and it absolutely will not be cancelled. And the timing is perfect.

During these extraordinary, challenging and amazing times, the SheHEALS Summit really is a gift of service to you and for you.

I invite you to claim it and accept it.

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