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Coming down off the "spike"

My last post was about a very normal process that happens in change – all your unhealed stuff comes up. Even things you thought you’d worked through. (If you missed it, you can read it here.)

Right now, everything has been rocked . Your system, your job, your family, your routine…all the daily habits that make things feel normal and keep you safe. All rocked. No one is immune right now and we are all feeling the and personal. SPIKE!

Again, the Spike is an old trigger or imprint. You have to do the deep healing work and come back into joy and love.

Step 1 is to acknowledge the imprint… the old story… the SPIKE.

Step 2 is to do your personal work.

You’ve got this one. You’ve been doing this for years. It has brought you to where you are today. As one of my healers reminded me, “You’ve already worked this. You’re not going back to ground zero. Allow it to clear.”

You have an amazing life…and it is time to look closely at what isn’t working (those old triggers, shadows, imprints). Because here’s the bottom line – if you don’t commit to clear what is under the spike, it won't go away! It will show up. . . again and again. Especially now. So jump in.

Step 3 is to do ceremony.

This has been the shaman’s way for thousands of years. Ceremony allows you to come into right relationship with the spike, so you have a new choice.

Here are just a couple of ways to do ceremony. You can use all of them, pick just one, or create your own. What matters is that you take action.

Create a Grief Altar: We're all grieving now, for losses big and small. It comes with the territory. We could all use a grief altar in this time of massive transition. Perhaps for yourself, your family or even the collective. (If you're not familiar with grief altars, you can learn more here. I also have free grief altar supplies available.)

Go Outside: Get rooted into the earth and come back into balance. For the shaman, the earth provides abundance… of love, of laughter, of connection. My free Grandmother Tree Journey will help you connect with mother earth. The shaman uses the one of the world trees for direct access to the mother earth. (Access your free Grandmother Tree journey here.)

Put Prayers in the Water. This is one of the things that our Peruvian shamans – Don Guido from the jungle, Dona Julia from Northern Peru, and Don Pablo from the Q’ero lineage – all recommend. Go to the ocean, the river, or any moving body of water. Hold your arms out wide and allow the lower vibration or “spike” to drain out. Don Pablo blows into a stone and tosses it in the waters, asking the mountains and the mother of the waters for help in releasing.

Dance, sing, draw, listen to the birds…. Or even “fly” “run” or “slither” with a power animal. (If you need some guidance, my free Power Animal journey is available for download here.)

Choose whatever allows your vibration to shift back to one of the best versions of who you are!

SPIKE, then chose… chose to create a new dream for yourself and for the world. A dream with the highest vibration of love!

Come back down to the oxygen rich air and laugh… and apologize to whoever you threw the potato at… or your significant other you just yelled at.

With love,

Linda and puppy “Buddha”

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