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  • Linda L. Fitch

Solstice, the New Moon AND a Solar Eclipse

This weekend marks an extraordinary time: a new moon solar eclipse, on the first day of summer.

It is an incredibly rare occurrence to have this lineup, and it’s a powerful time for a significant reset.

From an astrologer’s perspective, we are setting the stage now for many years to come. The eclipse opens a portal inviting you to have the courage to create the change necessary. you to have the courage to create the change necessary.

The planets are aligning, and it is happening now.

Saturn is saying “The system has been restructured… now feed it.”

Jupiter is saying “It is time to take all that is broken or over with and weave it into gold… and I’ll show you hope to do it.”

Venus is saying “Let me help… let’s gather together in community and see what works. And I’m going retrograde through June 25 to reveal everything that’s beneath the surface.”

Mars goes direct June 30 in Aries and things get fired up. It’s time to initiate, plant those seeds of self, have courage and know what you want. It is time for your own thing! The whole system is reframing, restructuring and once you know what you want, Mars brings the energy for the last six months of the year.

From a shaman’s perspective, take conscious action.

It is a time to focus on new beginnings for yourself and for the planet, to reset the container of your life in a big way.

So use this new moon to plant those seeds of self, to consciously create a life you love. Step in and connect deeper to spirit and the magic possible… to create a world we love… a world full of LOVE!

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