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  • Linda L. Fitch

The Mystery of Time

I remember distinctly the moment I first fell in love with the mystery of time.

My heart was pounding at the end of the classic H.G. Wells film The Time Machine. The inventor had just pulled the machine from his workshop into the garden, so that as he hurtled into the future, he would be in the perfect place to be able to create a new destiny for humans.

I was hooked into the mystery and wonder of time.

And time travel fascinates not just me…the idea has captured the imagination of writers, storytellers and filmmakers for ages.

I can still feel the seat of the small-town movie theater as I watched Back to the Future flicker on the big screen, or how the ending of the original Planet of the Apes blew my mind, watching it at home on our old black and white television.

The Terminator series introduced us to the mind maze of altering the future by changing the past. And I love Groundhog Day for its reminder to always create the most of the day I have… day after day….and how consistency is important in transformation.

So many movies with the mystery and wonder of how time intrigues us…. Source Code, Looper, Interstellar, Edge of Tomorrow and Arrival are just a few of my favorites. Not to mention chick flicks like 13 Going on 30, The Lake House, Kate and Leopold, Somewhere in Time and more.

Time loops, space twists, time shifting…. I’m hooked.

And you should be too.

Beyond popular culture, if we track back through history and religion (the Aztecs, Greeks, Egyptians, Hinduism, Buddhism), time was not only considered a god… but THE Supreme Deity… from which time flows like a river of life. Time is the archetype that held all the other archetypes, described in circular metaphors like the serpent eating its tail, or the Ying and Yang of the Tao, the heavens and the seasons…the flow of water.

So when did time become a linear equation instead of flow?

How did time become the unconscious core of so many of our problems? Feeling like we are driven by endless to-do lists, always late or never enough time?

What are your time triggers? Never enough time to create what you want, always worried about the past or the future? Or do you waste your time or feel like there is plenty of time so you never move forward? Does it feel like time is getting faster and faster and you have no control?

Shamans know how to create the future outside of time.

Over the next few weeks, through my emails, blogs and videos, I'll be sharing core concepts from my all-new Mastery of Sacred Time class, along with a free 3-part online mini-course, full of all the latest, most up-to-date science, brain research and spirituality.

I want to assist YOU in creating a world we love using the magic of time. It’s my gift of service. And it's all free for you.

RIGHT NOW is the shaman’s time to make a difference in the world, the time to create a life and a world you love!

PS: Here's a quick sneak preview of why I'm so excited about the mystery and wonder of time. Can you tell I'm still hooked?

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