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  • Linda L. Fitch

The energy of plants

Did you know that if you have a deep soul connection with one plant, you have access to all plants?

This is important for the shaman because through your “gate keeper” plant, you have access to the healing energy of the whole plant kingdom.

Say, for example, you have an affinity for sage. You love it, you use it all the time for cleansing, maybe you even grow it, or create art with it like a good friend of mine does. Because of that connection, sage is your plant ally and can open the door to you for more intense plant healing energy: possibly belladonna, or cedar, or flower remedies, or even all the healing herbs.

My own personal soul connection in the plant kingdom is with trees: Ponderosa Pine that smell like vanilla when hugged, Western Cedar that look like lace decorating the heavens, the Palo Santo I use for clearing, or the massive Ceiba tree of the Amazon rainforest that dwarfs me with its huge buttress roots.

And the sweet, fierce, amazing, strong and gentle vine of Ayahuasca is my connection for helping others with the deep healing work possible from the plant kingdom. The brew is used by shamans to heal places you have never thought possible . . . to rewire the brain to create lasting change.

Even though our Amazon shaman Don Guido uses many different plants for healing, it's Ayahuasca that's his soul mate in the plant kingdom. He lovingly refers to it as El Doctor, because the ayahuasca itself knows what healing you need and works where it will make the biggest difference in your life.

I love working with Don Guido because of his intimacy with Aya and its healing, protection and assistance. Don Guido knows and channels its love, clearing the old swiftly and easily, and gently releasing what’s stopping you from living and sourcing from your heart.

I’m headed to the Amazon again in December, to sit with Don Guido in ceremony with his healing icaro. My personal work since the pandemic began has all been around keeping my heart open and being fully present for that.

I can’t wait to add his gifts of song and plant connection again!

NOTE: Shaman Don Guido and our guide Rey recorded a special blessing and an icaro to share with you. You can watch it here.

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