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  • Linda L. Fitch

Source, syntropy and the power of time

In an earlier post, I explored how differently ancient cultures viewed time – not only as a “god”… but the key supreme deity.

Only in modern western physics has time become part of a mathematical framework.

To understand how time became a mathematical equation we actually have to take a step back to when God separated the waters above and the firmament from the waters below, and created the sun and moon, day and night…. And time began.

We have to go to the book of Genesis in the Bible to understand where the magic and flow became separated from our modern definition of time.The God of classical Christianity not only exists outside of time (separated from time), but also knows the future as well as the past and present (God is eternal).

This separation of GOD and TIME has influenced everything since.

If we were sitting together in Mastery of Sacred Time class, our look at science would include brief history into the theories and work by Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Newton, Leibniz, Mach, Maxwell, and Einstein with Riemann, to name just a few.

To me, the most important thing to note is that these were mostly deeply religious men, or men whose work was influenced by the view of the Church. This separation is woven in the fabric of our unconscious beliefs about time… there is an implied ARROW of time.

The Arrow of Time, or Time’s Arrow, is an actual concept developed in 1927 by the British astronomer Arthur Eddington involving the “one-way direction,” or asymmetry of time.

Many times, the second law of Thermodynamics, which implies a universal principle of degeneration is tied to this arrow. This law is that in a closed system, the system will tend towards a state of total disorder or chaos (eventually the sun will burn out and cosmic doom).

One way to measure this is entropy – roughly the degree of disorder in a system.

The second law introduces an arrow of time because the rise of entropy seems to be irreversible, a downhill process. You only have to think about the rash of apocalyptic movies like World War Z or Contagion to know this unconscious belief of doom seems to be part of our current cultural myth.

But here is where I get excited.

The Second law of thermodynamics is a derivative; it is merely a consequence of probabilistic reason applied to Newton’s laws of motion.

I’m not a formal scientist and would rather inspire you than be precise….but I do want to note there is even new research showing examples to the Second law of thermodynamics being “broken."

Things are in transformation!

This leads us to a simple but astounding point: Since Newton’s laws of physics have no built-in temporal orientation (future or past), all of the reasoning we have used to argue that systems will evolve from lower to higher entropy (chaos and doomsday) toward the future works equally well when applied toward the past.

Again, since the underlying laws of physics are time-reversal symmetric, there is no way for them even to distinguish between what we call the past and what we call the future (up or down either). There is nothing in the laws of classical physics that says one direction is time future and another direction is time past.

The entropic arrow of time is double-headed!! It points towards the future and toward the past.

Plus….The Law of Entropy governs only one side of science – that destructive phase of Nature’s cycles that leads to decay and death. The law of entropy does not govern living systems but applies only to closed or isolated systems. Living systems, by definition, interact with their environments by a constant exchange of information.

Nature demonstrates that living systems operate according to principles of connection and the tendency toward greater complexity, order, and integration.

This is the complementary force of Entropy…. the principle of Syntropy.

According to the Law of Syntropy, energy in living systems converges toward a source and integrates into systems of greater complexity and higher order. From our perspective in the present, the wave of time associated with syntropy flows from future to present; therefore, the present is created also by causes located in the future.

Shamans have always known what science is now validating. They know how to create the future outside of time, and know that they are always connected to spirit. They recognize that their dream or vision of the future is critical to creating the world... in the present.

They understand at the energetic level what science today calls syntropy. They know that magic is possible, that we are all connected to Source, and always have been.

That's why it's so fascinating to study – or at least try to understand – the science. Not just on an energetic level, but on a scientific one as well, it's amazing to finally understand why this visioning is so critical and why it is important for you to be one of these visionaries right now.

So, let's step outside of time together, let the ego unwind, and remember you are connected to the elements and spirit.

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