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  • Linda L. Fitch

Shaman's Time

When I was first learning the practices of the Q’ero shaman of Peru, I had no idea I was also experiencing a gateway to stepping outside of time.

Shamans see the world as alive … that everything is vibrating with life.

But vibration (or movement) is just part of the equation. Frequency (the speed at which these vibrations occur) is also where the shaman works, changing or altering the energy of these vibrational patterns.

The linear view of time holds that past trauma causes negative symptoms and poor health tendencies in the future. This cause-and-effect coding hooks you onto an arrow of time based on your history.

But what if the arrow of time concept is an illusion that isn’t actually true?

What if your “past” story is instead a series of “now” moments that you have simply connected together?

Right now, you are experiencing a present Now moment… and you are vibrating at a certain mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level… in this “now” moment. You are generating and creating one hundred percent of your reality one hundred percent of the time, now, moment by now moment.

Your story has a set of circumstances, each with a unique vibrational signature. What we label as good or bad are simply vibrational experiences. Your past story – personally and collectively – is just an agreed upon set of vibrational circumstances… of Now moments.

Since ancient times, spiritual masters of all traditions have pointed to the present as the key to the spiritual dimension, to creating a life you love.

The first step is awareness.

Feelings of anxiety, anger or fear vibrate at a very low frequency; Feelings of love, joy and gratitude vibrate much more quickly.

Your body knows this.

Do you like where you are vibrating right now? Do you want to keep projecting or agreeing with this frequency?

The shamans know the quickest way to shift your vibration is by shifting to a state of gratitude.

By saying…praying…living…being… thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU.

When you shift your energy to these higher vibrations, you begin to step outside of linear time into sacred time, where multiple dimensions exist simultaneously. You begin to experience stillness, becoming closer and closer to spirit until there is no separation

Here it is effortless to co-create a life you love.

To help you explore ways to reach that higher vibration, I’m delighted to share a free preview session from my upcoming online class “Wake Up Laughing.” In this session, you’ll experience raising the vibration of your chakras, and anchor in the higher vibration of love through an icaro (sacred medicine song) from our Amazon shaman Don Guido.

And remember, now is the shaman’s time to consciously create an amazing dream for the world…outside of time.

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