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  • Linda L. Fitch

A Full Moon Gift from the Andes

Cusco, Peru was once the heart of the Inca empire. On our journeys to Salkantay, we spend the night there to acclimate to the higher altitude before boarding our all-terrain vehicles for the trek to the Holy Mountain.

Today, the sidewalks of this usually thriving city are empty of the hustle and bustle of international tourists.

Don Pablo, our Q'ero shaman of the high mountains of the Andes, and our guide/healer Vilma Piñedo called me recently to say they were thinking of all their brothers and sisters and wanted to gift us a despacho as a way to offer you healing, kindness and peace.

All offered in deepest gratitude, and recorded for your experience.

If you’ve never participated in a despacho (or ceremonial blessing bundle), you're in for a treat. If you have, you know what an honor it is for a shaman to add their prayers, love and energy to your intentions. Built using natural items like corn, seeds, flowers and coca leaves, a despacho is a gift to help you come back into balance and right relationship.

Under tonight's full moon, I invite you to step into the sacred under the guidance of a master shaman.

As you sit in virtual ceremony with Don Pablo and Vilma, focus on what you want to dream in. Infuse your prayers and intentions with the frequencies of beauty, light, love, compassion, optimism, hope and joy, calling in the life you desire for yourself, your family, your community and the world.

I love Don Pablo and Vilma and you will also. Their wisdom is deep and ancient, and their hearts are pure, open and full of love….. for you. This special recorded despacho ceremony is a gift to you from them and you can watch it here.

It has been a very difficult year for Don Pablo, Vilma and the community of Cusco. Virus-related quarantines, lock-downs and curfews meant that they weren't allowed to leave their homes – even to go to their fields. If you would like to help support them, we've added a donation button at the bottom of the the video page.

All your donations will go directly to them, so please consider supporting those who share their wisdom so graciously.

Thank you for your generosity and with deepest love,


PS: Please consider this my personal invitation to come sit in ceremony with Don Pablo and Vilma next summer, when it is safe to travel once again. Come board that all-terrain vehicle yourself on the way to Salkantay and sit with Spirit at the top of the mountain.

Explore our 2021 journey to Cusco, the Holy Mountain and Peru's Sacred Valley here.

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