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  • Linda L. Fitch

It's in the Air

Have you chosen a personal theme for yourself for 2021?

Why should you even think about identifying one for this coming year?

According to astrologer Brenda Brush, the year 2020 required us to look intensely inward, to examine how we have lived, the choices we have made, what we know, and what we think we know. ( You can listen to the full reading here)

It was time of deep cleansing, waking up to see clearly what needed to be shifted, what no longer served us – internally, externally, systemically.

On the Solstice, we officially entered the Aquarian age, moving energetically from the intensity of being earthbound to the theme of 2021, which is all about AIR.

But what is AIR about?

What does it mean for you, personally, about where you should be focusing your attention or intention for the coming year?

Brenda says air is about everything that is airborne on the ethers. Fast-paced. Out of the box. It is moving in and out of social situations with ease, a clean breath, new thoughts and ideas. . . learning . . . technology.

It is creativity, innovation, higher mind. . . Everything that has to do with the mind, knowledge, thinking, healing… your attitude… and of course source, magic, a deeper connection to spirit.

Even the eclipses, which are like the path or directional signals, are associated with learning, education, expansion, understanding and wisdom.

This year can be your most magical year ever, because your choices, your thinking, your attitude, your mindset…. Will create 2021.

What is the mindset you want?

A growth mindset, according to scholar Carol Dweck, is a belief – conscious and unconscious – that you can change and grow. It creates a passion for learning rather than a need for approval. A growth mindset cultivates a passion for stretching yourself, a priority to learn something new. It is fertile ground that allows you to thrive during challenging times.

What’s my theme for 2021? Learning…. Expansion, wisdom, skills, tools. And sharing …helping you make it your most magical year ever by encouraging you to learn new things, make choices to become an even better version of yourself.

Learning rewires your brain for growth and change and builds a better memory and quickens your speed of processing ability. Once you learn something new, your brain is never the same.

Deliberate learning makes you stronger; an active mind throughout your life has been proven to help you live longer and healthier. Research shows when you have a growth mindset you behave differently, you let go of limiting beliefs.

Information and continued learning nourish your mind, helping to strengthen critical thinking skills, avoid stagnation and reach your full potential.

Lifelong learning puts you in the driver’s seat doing what you want to do. You help lift people up and help others become their best selves with your wisdom, sharing and service.

You walk the shaman’s path.

In my next post, I’ll share some simple, how-to practices to help you make this year of AIR full of magic and your passion about learning.


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