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Of earth, air and energy

I started 2021 by sharing that this year is all about AIR… new thoughts and ideas… learning…everything with the mind, knowledge, thinking, healing and of course magic… a deeper connection to spirit. (if you missed the simple how to practices or just want a refresher, here's the link.)

As an AIR year…..this year is about your choices, your attitude and your mindset.

I shared about adopting a growth mindset, to make learning a priority. I love books for learning, so my coffee table is covered. I also love this digital age that has made online learning possible.

Thank you AIR!

One of the classes I’m learning so much from is about the Andean Mystical Path, taught by Joan Parisi Wilcox. I initially met Joan when I interviewed her as part of the Shamanic Dreamkeepers Summit earlier this year. (Watch my interview with Joan here.)

I fell in love with her energy and commitment to sharing traditional Andean knowledge and adhering as closely as possible to how it was taught by the old ones. My own shamanic roots are in the Peruvian tradition as well, so I've been fascinated to learn more from her perspective.

As part of the course, Joan shared a beautiful process for reawakening and rebirthing. It’s called the Pachamama Day Ceremony, and it is traditionally done on August 1.

With Joan’s blessing, I’d like to share a framework for this transformational and powerful ceremony with you here.

The steps below reflect the way she does her ceremony (it’s not literal to a specific elder’s teaching) and she encourages you to be flexible and follow your own guidance as you do your ceremony too.

Pachamama Day is about your reawakening . . . your rebirthing.

The Pachamama Day ceremony is not a group ceremony. It’s a private one, done between you and you. It about your relationship to spirit… your relationship to yourself, and letting go of the past so you can walk in balance, declaring who you are NOW moving forward.

So, on August 1, I invite you to carve out some time for your special connection to the earth, include your sacred objects or mesa (if you have one), choose a special place and make your place sacred for your work

Here's the basic framework:

1. Connect with your own energy, the bubble of light and life that is around you. You can call on the vital life force energy to cleanse and or nourish your bubble (called your poq’po by the Andeans). Take your time.

2. Slowly release the heavy thoughts or energy that comes up, working from the present moment back to your birth. This is a typical recapitulation practice done in every shamanic process, and part of dying and rebirthing. Again, take your time!

It can be intense – if you need, bring in that amazing vital life force energy while you continue to release the heavy (hucha) down to the earth. The earth uses the heavy energy like fertilizer to grow flowers and trees, it is gift of her favorite food.

Honor what you have learned, and let it be finished both emotionally and energetically.

With your intention, release or cut any energetic cords, disconnecting from emotions, events, people. Remember this is not a “head” or analytic practice, so simply let it come up and release to Mother Earth.

(In class, Joan also recommended releasing all the cords to the things we “love”… i.e. cords to your kids, your pets, your significant other. You can reengage with them later but you want it to be a choice, and you may want to reengage in a new way. I’m planning to use colored yarn for each of these threads so I can track easier)

3. Drop into your heart. Now it is time to renew yourself, to refill, to reconnect. Be clear about your intentions for the future, who you want to be. What do you “intend” for yourself in this coming year? Take your time, going down to the most important essentials.

Stand and declare aloud to the spirits, “I am what I speak, not what I have spoken.” (This is the incantation don Julian gave to Joan.)

Speak aloud your intentions; who is this NEW you? From your personal core, your essence…. What are your personal capabilities, service to the world, kind of relationships you choose, the qualities of your life, and so on.

You are being realized in a new way. Be alone with yourself, get to know yourself, take all the time you need.

If you have a medicine bundle (mesa or misha) you now need to “reintroduce yourself to yourself,” since you are a new you. Stones or sacred items may need to shift around – honor them, thank them, remove them and they may go back to the earth or on an altar. Remember to feed your mesa or sacred items, and sit with it, absorbing its new changed energy.

This is direct connection to your personal power.

You can add a small honoring despacho (prayer bundle) at any point in the ceremony. I plan to do a small one – with a shell, and prayer offerings… then gift it to the ocean where I live with gratitude.

Deepest gratitude again to Joan for her wisdom, sharing and generosity!


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