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  • Linda L. Fitch

Of gifts, gratitude and appreciation

Last January, when I chose Gratitude and Appreciation as my theme for 2020, little did I know what the year ahead would hold.

And yet, gratitude and appreciation turned out to be exactly what we needed this year for resilience.

Life happens, but for the shaman there are no victims. Shamans know that what we focus on is fully our choice, and with our thoughts and beliefs we create the world.

As we close out this year and lean into 2021, remember to stay focused on the good, making gratitude and appreciation one of your daily choices.

To help guide you, I've put together a free eBook that includes simple everyday practices for living in gratitude.

It's my year-end gift to you. Download it here.

Be awake. Notice if your thoughts, beliefs and actions are helping you to soar into your greatest becoming or holding you back. Simply put, are they bringing your vibration down or lifting you up so you catch spirit's updraft?

Remember the Q'ero elders who remind us to live our lives in Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Watch the video.


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