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  • Linda L. Fitch

Of light, air and learning

Last week, I shared that 2021 is all about AIR… new thoughts and ideas… learning…everything with the mind, knowledge, thinking, healing and of course magic… a deeper connection to spirit.

This year is about your choices, your attitude and your mindset.

A growth mindset will allow you to make learning a priority, to experience the wonder of life and thrive in 2021.

Here are some simple, how-to practices to help you make this year of AIR full of magic and catch the updraft of passion about learning.

1. Keep your dreams right in sight. Create a vision board to map out what you really want.

With the first New Moon of the year happening this week (and made even more powerful with the boost of Capricorn's forward-leaning energy), now is the PERFECT time to be very clear what you want to focus on.

And a vision board is a fabulous way to do that.

My good friend Renee Baribeau specializes in shamanic Wind Work. And since Wind = AIR, how cool is that? She has a fun and powerful Vision Board process that you can check out here.

2. Find your tribe. Surround yourself with those who help you bring out your best.

This can be coaches, mentors, friends…. Or books and podcasts. Who do you admire and how can you “hang out” with them? What summits /webinars/podcasts are they on? What have they written?

It doesn’t need to be somebody famous, and it can be people from the past or even your own lineage of ancestors.

Catch their updraft…. They will help you soar.

3. Create space for learning, wisdom, sharing and service. Clean out so there is more room for the new you.

Maybe this means decluttering your space, or emotions, or schedule. Drama or chaos should be a red flag for for you that you are not in the flow, and come back to stillness and the breath.

4. Practice gratitude.

Not only is gratitude critical to create the transformation into the best you, but deep gratitude allows you to recognize how we are all connected and then experience the state of oneness… experience the age of Aquarius.

If you haven't already, you can download my free ebook, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You: Simple Everyday Practices for Living in Gratitude.

5. Tune In and Listen. Notice your own self talk and the old unconscious beliefs that are ready to be updated or upgraded for you to soar in the AIR.

In order for you to live your best life, live your dreams, find magic and thrive you need to be present and awake… to notice the inner dialog.

Perhaps journaling is your way of noticing what needs to be shifted. Honor the gifts, hold it without ego or judgement and allow it to disperse into the AIR so you can create at spirit a life you love.

6. Share and Give Back. Commit to service, contribution and legacy.

No matter your purpose; to be the best mom or dad possible, to be more deeply connected to spirit, to be true to yourself, to find your inner peace, to be fully present each moment…. Part of your purpose is giving back.

The shaman’s path is about service – just by being who you are and sharing your learning and wisdom… you lift up those around you and help others to become their best selves.

As one of my teachers likes to say, you become like a lighthouse.


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