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  • Linda L. Fitch

Of words, power and coming back to center . . .

Do you have FOMO?

Yes. Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is a real thing.

I remember exactly where I was when someone shared what FOMO was – and I felt an amazing sense of freedom in having a “word” to describe what I was feeling inside.

When you can name something, you drain its power.

Can’t find words?

There are two important times when we are unable to use words to describe our experience: if it was pre-verbal (before the age of two or three); or if it was caused by trauma.

Identifying a word for what I was feeling allowed me to breath and come back to my center.

I had been invited to a training with several new individuals who had been in a friend-group for years. I’d arrived for the training a little late so was sitting in the back with no one I knew. When lunch time came the friend-group stood up and left, no one even turned around and made eye contact. Although I’d brought lunch, I felt devastated.... instantly feeling hurt and left out.

I know the feeling had roots somewhere back in time... it was such a middle school feeling... but my brain wanted to create a story about being less than and then validate why it was better I stayed and ate my healthy food alone.

Much later in the afternoon when someone was sharing about one of the afternoons exercises, I was introduced to FOMO.... Fear of Missing Out.

Again, words hold power and in these times of transformation and transition the more you can be present and go the next step to name what you are feeling.... you can then breathe and come back to your center.

Day two of the same training, as lunch time rolled around miracles happened. You might have guessed; not only was I invited to join the group for lunch... but I was fully centered and graciously chose to stay and have my healthy lunch.... and was joined by some amazing new friends.

So here are some simple steps you can take:

  • Notice the feeling

  • Name it

  • Hold it gently (like a child)

  • Laugh if you can

  • Breath and allow the power the words held to drain away.

  • Come back to your center with joy.


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