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  • Linda L. Fitch

On the wings of purpose . . .

Have you heard the current buzz word?

It is floating in the air…. the word is PURPOSE, and it seems to be showing up everywhere, at least in my world.

January is traditionally the time of setting yearly goals. But, listening to the buzz in the air about Purpose…my last two weeks have been diving deeply into what that really means.

In my typical personal style, I immersed myself in learning: using a NLP coach who taught a course called “Finding Your Purpose in a Cluttered World;” doing a two-day live course called Purpose 2021 with a Solution Focus therapy duo, Elliot Connie and Dr. Adam Froerer; digging into a class on Purposeful Living with my favorite Silva Systems teacher, Laura Silva; and then completing a Life Purpose Life Coach Certification, and learning from an inspiring full day online with Dean Graziosi and his awesome 7 Levels Deep exercise.


Over the past two weeks I shared that 2021 is an AIR year of learning, knowledge and wisdom…. The next two weeks I will be sharing a little of the wisdom from all the above amazing teachers and coaches, so you don’t have to do the deep immersion. You’ll have a short cut directly to GO. A special thanks to all the teachers who shared about purpose.

What is purpose, really? It is important to start with an easy definition.

Like everything, spiritual purpose encompasses different levels.

You might feel like you have an overall purpose you came into this lifetime to fulfill. Some people describe this as their calling. I often meet students who “know” why they have come in this lifetime, which is awesome. I hear variations like “to make a difference in the world” or “be a teacher,” all of which are wonderful.

It is also important to realize your purpose or calling can also shift and change as you mature, learn and experience life. Your priorities shift and your purpose will shift appropriately.

Perhaps your purpose was to be the best mom possible. But after the kids leave, a new calling may arise. Nor is your purpose a yard stick to measure yourself against someone else. Be careful to not rush to take on words or thoughts others share about their purpose.

Your purpose and how you fulfill it is absolutely unique to you. It will encompass all your gifts and wisdom. Again, you may notice different levels; maybe a feeling or goal for a year, maybe a day by day sense of purpose and/or it may include a dream or knowing that is still unfolding.

Exploring deeply into your purpose requires you to notice your internal questions.

Your questions direct your internal dialog and reinforce beliefs that help you soar or stop your becoming.

It is actually easy to upgrade your questions. In my next mail, I’ll share the kinds of questions that will help clear the old buried fears so you can find your updraft in the AIR.


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