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  • Linda L. Fitch

Soaring in 2021

Although the last year has been a challenging one, it has also held unexpected gifts.

One of those gifts is how the restrictions on travel and in-person classes opened up my schedule and allowed me to work regularly and deeply with a small group of individual clients with monthly shamanic coaching sessions.

And although travel will soon be opening up (I'm planning to journey to Peru several times this year, beginning with my jungle trip this August) I expect to be mostly at home in 2021 . . . and that makes it possible for me to open up a few more ongoing session opportunities for the coming year.

Although I'll still have a very limited number of one-off sessions available, I’m really looking to work primarily with those who are deeply committed to their own personal growth, and willing to commit to monthly shamanic coaching sessions with me for the whole year.

I’m so deeply impressed and in awe of the transformations I’m witnessing from my monthly clients, and really love to support individuals who want to soar. By working monthly, they clear blocks as they come up, before they become huge obstacles.

Life then becomes full of miracles.

Here are just a few examples:

One of my clients had been taking the steps to sell her business with the intention to donate much of the proceeds to support Earth-based projects. In the middle of the pandemic, she received a seven-figure offer that was nearly 3x times the amount she was told to expect. Her gift to the earth will be part of her legacy.

Another has built her business from a mostly one-person shop to a full team, and is now one of the most successful realtors in her area. She creates sacred spaces for others, brings ayni to each home she touches and calls in the quality of clients she loves to work with. New doors continue to open for her with joy.

Yet another went from a bitter divorce and a business on the brink of bankruptcy to business soaring, manifesting a dream home and finding the love of her life, with all the qualities she wanted in a partner. Every quality she had written down….to the letter.

Still another client had been thinking about eventually selling her home; in two weeks she sold her huge old brick house that needed some electrical updating… to a neighbor who happened to be an electrician – without a realtor. And then in an incredibly limited market she manifested a sweet smaller ranch house with her offer accepted even though there was a higher offer on the table… and moved and in to her new place.


I could go on and on…. These are their wins; but how they live with integrity and love is what touches me deeply.

I’m honored to become the wind beneath you, to see the highest for you and hold true to that vision.

If this sounds like you, I have a limited number of openings.

If you are ready to make the commitment to do what it takes on your inner journey to soar – I’d love to have you fill out an application. I’d be honored to be part of your support team.


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