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  • Linda L. Fitch

The path of persistence

I’ve been back from the Amazon for a little over a week and deep gratitude for hot Americanos and air conditioning is still part of my daily prayers.

Our shaman Don Guido sat with us each day sharing his wisdom and his journey of the shaman’s path.

A lot like yours, his path took dedication, courage and love.

It also took persistence.

He did ayahuasca, called vine of the soul, 25 times and never had any reaction. None, nada, nothing. No nausea, no visions, no feeling of any kind.

Then, during ceremony 26, everything changed. The Mother Aya told him it had been preparing his body... so he could be a healer. It was cleaning and clearing him for his purpose, his path, his service.

Right now the planet is experiencing massive transformation; and you too are being prepared for your path.

Maybe like Don Guido you are feeling little reward, or connection... that you have no vision or not feeling a sense of purpose.

We are addicted to wanting the light show, the drama, the external confirmation we are on the correct path.

Like Don Guido shared, it is important to move forward with trust, surrendering to allowing the medicine to heal and make us strong without our left brain’s desire for every answer.

Like Guido, persist.

Persist with your practices of stillness, meditation, laughter, prayer, noticing the birds, taking walks, connecting with those you love and being kind to yourself.

Everything is changing, this is the shaman’s time.


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