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Weaving the Wisdom

It has been over a month since I've been back home after three weeks in Peru. This year's journey to the mountain has left me just this week finding my footing back into this reality. Knowing the lore and medicine of the mountain to which we journeyed, I shouldn't really be surprised. This year we visited the sacred mountain Huaman Lipa, followed by a week at Lake Titicaca, The changes this sacred pilgrimage has created in my life are still creating shifts.

We journeyed to the village of Don Francisco and Pablo, driving by the old home of Don Manuel Quispe, one of the ancient elders who gave me the high mountain rites during my first trip to Peru many years ago. Back then, there was only a trail into the Q'ero villages, a two-day walk from the nearest city. Now, you can reach these villages in a slow, seven-hour drive from Cusco on rough, newly constructed dirt roads.

This year, it was harvesting season and we were welcomed with potatoes cooked in the earth. We did ceremony at the place of the phuyu (or heart of the clouds) in preparation for the journey up the mountain - Mount Huaman Lipa, the shaman's protector mountain. There, Don Francisco told us the story of when the conquistadors came to the villages with their guns and horses. As the story goes, the mountain heard the q'eros' plea for help and sent down an avalanche, killing the invading Spaniards.

Little did I realize when we reached the pass to Huaman Lipa and created our apuchetta (stone altar) for ceremony that this protector mountain offered a connection to a line of holy mountains.

Just past Huaman Lipa was the holy mountain Ausangate; turning 180 degrees, looking back down the valley, the apus of Suriasitay and Pitusiray were visible. Past those peaks, the holy, holy mountain of Wakay Willka could be seen. From experience, I knew the holy mountains of Salkantay and Umanti were the next peaks down the line. We stood right on a ceke line, a connection line.

Reflecting back on our apuchetta at the protector mountain and all of the wild energetics currently running through the lives of friends and clients, it is important to remember to keep your attention on what you want. Many individuals or groups are connecting in with the "doom" of these challenging, changing times. The darkness can feel very dark when or if you tap into it. But you don't have to buy in to or collude with those actions in any way.

Even Don Francisco, in his closing despacho for the creator rites, said "You must say "NO!" to the wars that are turn them back and allow the energy to simply drain away." In these seemingly tumultuous times, make sure you continue your own personal work to shift the patterns that get in your way.

Now is the time to bring your awareness to the positive of what you want to create. Connect with like-minded souls. People truly are doing amazing things for the positive in the world right now. It is a message of joy and abundance and ease we want to bring to the world.

I also had the honor of visiting with Don Francisco and Don Pablo about how the Q'ero create their mesas and was amazed with their answer.

Although most of the details will need to wait until Creating a Mesa the Q'ero Way (a new class to be offered this Spring through the Shaman's Collective), their Mesa revolves around right action, right living and right wisdom. Don Francisco also shared that their work with power animals, soul retrieval, and healing are different than most people reading this newsletter have learned.

It is an amazing time to be on the planet. I had the chance to see the Dali Lama in Salt Lake City recently, and he added the reminder to take action. In essence, he said it is nice to pray or meditate but it is as critical, if not more critical, to add action to your wisdom and loving. Sounds very similar to what Don Francisco said about creating the Mesa and bringing right action balanced with the loving and wisdom.

I have a full slate of classes and workshops in the coming weeks and months, at locations all around the country, including Working in Dream Time, Shamanic Tools for Death & Dying, Mastery of Sacred Time, and more. Check out my calendar for dates and locations, or learn more on my Classes page.

Wishing you a time of positive creation,


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