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  • Linda L. Fitch

The Grandmother Tree

Trees have long been the shamanic symbol of strength, connectedness and grounding. I fell in love with the magnificent Ceiba tree of the rainforest – the Grandmother Tree – during my first trip to the jungle. Each time I return, I can hardly wait to walk through the jungle back to her. After everyone else has taken their pictures, I hang back, waiting until the last person ventures back on the trail following our guide. Then, I slip back to her for one more heart-to-heart connection, longing, feeling, listening. . . with the Grandmother Tree. I recently read David Haskell’s “The Songs of Trees,” and it all came together… my love of the Grandmother Tree… my love of the shaman’s world… and how we can make a difference to the Grandmother… to be of service … for all the shamans across the globe. We do this by going on journey with the Grandmother Tree … to make her strong – as she makes us strong – which makes shamans everywhere strong. In the forest, the Ceiba protects those who journey. The jaguar stores its food in the branches. Snakes and turtles lay their eggs in the soft soil below. Snails, millipedes and bats gather on the trunk and in the recesses of the root buttresses. We need to go to the Ceiba, to hug the tree, and ask for strength. As Haskell writes; “All trees have music in them. Rivers are alive and sing. We learn our own songs from them”. Now it is survival of the forest that is at stake. The song of life itself that we each sing. I invite you to come on journey with the Grandmother tree…. for the survival of the Forest, for the survival of the shaman, for the survival of power… To be of service in the world…which is the shaman’s path. The Grandmother Tree journey is featured in The Shaman's Journey, a collection of six full-length guided audio meditations, PLUS 5 additional BONUS journeys, that I just released. [GET THE SHAMAN'S JOURNEY COLLECTION NOW] For every copy of The Shaman's Journey sold between now and December 22, I'll be making a donation to Tree Sisters , an international non-profit dedicated to embracing life through the forest and the feminine, and committed to restoring our planet's forests and rebalancing of humanity's relationship with the natural world. It's a cause that's so in alignment and near and dear to my heart. I hope you'll join me in supporting it with your purchase of The Shaman's Journey. Now go hug a tree… even if only in your minds eye….

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