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  • Linda L. Fitch

Of this green earth

Today is St. Patrick’s Day.

As kids, it was a day to make sure you wore something green so you wouldn’t be pinched. As a young adult, I remember one particular St. Paddy’s Day that included green beer.

Eventually realized green is absolutely my favorite color.

As shaman, green takes on a whole new meaning . . . about the GREEN we are here to create.

Today is a perfect reminder to remember to come into alignment with your mind, heart and belly, as taught by my teachers, to create this GREEN:

  • Mind (Right Thinking): Do your thoughts, vision, thinking include lots of green? Maybe the green shows up on your vision board, in your choice of what you have in your home, or in your dreams of visiting the redwoods or the jungle.

  • Heart (Right Loving): Do you open your heart to the green around you, allowing your soul and spirit to be consciously fed by the green that touches you every day? Do you feed the green by sending your love?

  • Belly (Right Action): Do you take the actions that preserve, foster and create a green world for now and into the future? Maybe this shows up by recycling, supporting organizations with your time, energy and finances, how you bring green into your home or outdoor space, or other actions to dream an even greener world into being.

Take that right thinking and right loving right into action.

Remember at the start of any alignment is to say “Thank You.” Fill yourself with the vibration of Gratitude. Say "thank you" for this amazing GREEN, blue, white, brown, colorful planet spinning around in space.


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