Linda L. Fitch

teacher. shaman. coach.


teacher, shaman, coach 

An accomplished teacher, mentor and coach, Linda L. Fitch is passionate about discovering and sharing wisdom, tools and practices to help you choose and become the very best version of yourself.  


Linda teaches regularly online and in person, and has trained thousands of students in personal development and shamanic healing techniques. She maintains an active personal coaching practice, working with clients around the globe. A practicing shaman for more than two decades, she leads multiple trips annually  to the high mountains and jungles of Peru.





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We're in a time of extraordinary challenge and change. This is the Shaman's lead, to shine, to rise, to be of service...but you have to be awake, open and sourcing from the sacred, to bring your best self forward.


To help you navigate and come back to source, to not just survive, but thrive, I'm offering 14 Days of Wisdom and Practices to Source from the Sacred. These simple tips and tools will help you stay strong and grounded – emotionally, spiritually and fully awake during these tumultuous time.


Each morning for 14 days you'll receive a short video  –  just three minutes long – with a simple daily tool or practice to help you source from the sacred. It's free and my special free gift to you.



Explore our line-up of extraordinary spiritual adventures to Peru for 2020.   Which one is calling you?

October 21-26, 2020  


Visit our EXPEDITIONS page to explore these extraordinary journeys to Peru.



Together with spirit, we co-create the transformation that you have been yearning for your life… You will discover a clarity you never thought possible.

You will change as a person.

When you work with me, I hold a vision of your becoming that is bigger than you have ever imagined possible. 


With deepest love and power, I see fiercely and consistently this bigger destiny ...You are here to become one of the very best versions of yourself.


This unique shamanic approach is a way to answer your greater calling…. 

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Teacher. Shaman. Coach.
Classes. Workshops. Expeditions.